Case Studies

Making a routine announcement resonate

The Background:

Law firms relocate all the time and without much fanfare. But for Delaware-based Young Conaway, its move from a traditional office building to the iconic courthouse on Rodney Square in the heart of Wilmington was anything but typical. Transforming the nearly 100-year-old structure—which had declined over nine years of vacancy—into a 21st-century office space was a mammoth undertaking. Still, the firm knew garnering significant press coverage and public attention would be a challenge.

Young Conaway sought the help of Jaffe PR. The firm tasked the agency to not only make the routine announcement exciting, but to compellingly convey the strategic messages of superior client service and commitment to Wilmington’s restoration to the firm’s target audiences: clients, referral sources, community leaders and the media.

The Effective Solution:

Reporters were bound to ignore a standard press release, and a change-of-address mailer would likely just end up in a client’s junk mail pile. The Young Conaway/Jaffe PR team knew that it had to couch the firm’s strategic messages in an engaging narrative. The team decided the most effective tactic would be to tell the story by creatively leveraging an assortment of multimedia, from videos and custom images to classic children’s toys.  

The team created an eye-catching press packet, which included a retro View-Master viewer and picture wheel with photos of the ongoing renovation and futuristic images of the finished space. The packet also included a media alert inviting reporters to a press tour, a press release and a backgrounder so reporters had the information they needed to write a story.

Exceptional Public Reputation Management Results:

As result of this effort, coverage was secured in  more than 241 legal, business and architectural news media outlets, including national coverage in Reuters and MarketWatch and local coverage on the Fox News and NBC television affiliates, and a feature story in Delaware Today, Delaware Business and Delaware Law Weekly.  A reporter from a major national daily newspaper traveled to Delaware see the space and meet key attorneys to develop them as sources for commentary.

View-Masters were also sent to the firm’s key clients, prospects and local dignitaries, inviting them to a “sneak peek” at the space. A specially commissioned pen-and-ink line drawing of the historic space became a second logo for the firm. This classic piece of art was used in the firm’s holiday card, which also served as the firm’s official move announcement; on letterhead for the media alert and backgrounders; and in all subsequent branded pieces. The line drawing was also used as the basis for an Etch-A-Sketch artist to create a time-lapse video that depicted the artist drawing the new space on the Etch-A-Sketch. This video was incorporated into an e-vite to clients, prospects and other local dignitaries for a reception unveiling Young Conaway’s new home. Finally, during the renovation of the space, a video camera was positioned in a static location to capture months of ongoing construction, which can be edited into a time-lapse movie showcasing the evolution of the space.

The team won the Legal Marketing Association 2013 Your Honor Award in the Promotional/Collateral Materials Announcement category for this effort, and has been selected by PR News as a 2013 Platinum PR Awards finalist in the “Media Relations” category.

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