Law Firm Policy Documents

  Jaffe PR's Blogging Policy for Law Firms and Attorneys

  We believe that blogging can be an important business development tool. It is a powerful
  social media marketing tool that, when applied strategically, will enhance your firm's overall
  search engine optimization, driving business to your website and ultimately to your attorneys.



  Jaffe PR's Social Media Policy for Law Firms and Attorneys

  Today, social media encompasses a broad sweep of online activities, all of which are trackable and traceable. We believe that social media can drive business and support your professional development efforts.



Crisis Policy

  Jaffe PR's Crisis Policy for Law Firms and Attorneys

  When a crisis strikes, your law firm's reputation – potentially the lifeblood of your organization – is at stake. Whether you are faced with layoffs, malpractice, attorney departures or bad financials, underestimating the potential hard and soft costs associated with a crisis, including the speed at which it can escalate online, can be devastating. 



Crisis Policy

  Jaffe PR's Media Policy for Law Firms and Attorneys

  A law firm’s presence in the media is one of the key factors in determining its public reputation.
  When reporters and bloggers interview your attorneys and/or staff, portraying the firm in the
  best possible light is not something that can be taken for granted. In light of this, we encourage all firms to adopt a media policy governing contact with the media by staff, associates and partners.