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Law firms of all sizes are exposing themselves to a tremendous amount of risk by failing to establish social media policies and offer training, according to a newly released report. The 2014 Managing Partner Social Media Survey – Part 2 found that 41.7 percent of law firms lack a firmwide social media policy while 53.2 percent fail to provide any social media training to staff or attorneys. “Lawyers are known for their risk-averse natures; it’s...Read More
Vivian Hood, Jaffe’s President of Public Relations, will moderate a roundtable discussion at the 2014 LMASE Regional Conference in Nashville on October 16, 2014. The roundtable will focus on insights and best practices to help legal marketers manage the rankings process and increase their attorneys’ chances of getting noticed by Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers and Chambers, among other relevant opportunities. Read More
Jaffe is pleased to sponsor the October 16 Metro Philadelphia LMA luncheon on “What Does It Mean to Be a Brand in 2014?” The program will cover a number of trending topics about law firm brands, including how marketing heads at law firms can:  Develop plans that ensure continuity of message Establish benchmarks for brand awareness Evaluate risks and rewards of “self-publishing” Harness the movement toward personal brands...Read More
Jaffe's Content Strategist, Keith Ecker, recently co-authored an article with Freeborn & Peters CMO Ian Turvill for the LMA Midwest newsletter, "In the Loop." The piece, titled "The Roadmap for Your Future: Navigating and Accelerating Your Career in Legal Marketing," provides coverage of a panel discussion on legal marketing trends and career advice.  To read the full article, click here. Read More
Jaffe, the legal industry’s full-service PR and marketing agency, is pleased to announce that the New York Law Journal Reader Rankings survey listed Jaffe as number one in the categories of “Best Law Firm Marketing Consultant” and “Best Law Firm Advertising Agency.” Jaffe also ranked third in the category of “Best Law Firm Public Relations Agency.” “We are grateful to be recognized as a top service provider in one of the most competitive legal...Read More
On Sept. 17, Terry M. Isner, President of Marketing and Business Development, is delivering a presentation on marketing best practices at JAMS Inc., a provider of arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services. The presentation will focus on how technology has changed the marketing landscape and will cover such topics as social media, content marketing and how attorneys can leverage digital media to support their...Read More
Attitudes remain split as more than a third consider it a ‘necessary evil’ Law firm managing partners are overwhelmingly embracing social media, specifically the professional social network LinkedIn, according to a newly released report. The 2014 Managing Partner Social Media Survey – Part 1 said that more than 90 percent of managing partners have LinkedIn accounts. However, while 39 percent felt social media is a “new and exciting way to...Read More
On Sept. 16, Kathy O'Brien, Senior Vice President of Public Relations, is moderating a panel discussion at a Houston LMA program titled "Content Marketing - How to Build an Effective Strategy." Sitting on the panel are Lori Potok of The Deal, Stephen Hastings of Baker Botts and Lisa Flynn, Vice President of Marketing and Content Marketing Strategist at Manzama. Read More
Jaffe, the legal industry’s full-service PR and marketing agency, is pleased to announce that the National Law Journal’s 2014 “Best of Chicago” supplement ranks Jaffe in first place in the categories of “Public Relations Firm,” “Crisis Management Firm” and “Legal Marketing & Branding Firm.” The annual survey also recognizes Jaffe as one of the top three agencies in the categories of “Law Firm Website Design,” “Social Media Consultant” and “...Read More
Terry M. Isner, Jaffe's President of Marketing and Business Development, was recently interviewed for an article on small websites vs larger sites and the impact of SEO. The article titled "Can a Small Website Compete With the Big Guys?" is published on American Express Open Forum. To read the article, please click here.Read More