Our Business Principles

  1. Our law firm PR clients expect the best, and so do we. We constantly seek to hire and train the best public reputation professionals. Each person at Jaffe has been carefully selected; teamwork and trust in the ability of our co-workers to serve our clients and our company effectively are cornerstones of our business. The lines of communication are open and encouraged in all directions, at all levels. It is in the best interest of Jaffe and our clients to have everyone succeed.
  2. Quality service is the beginning, not the end. Our clients pay A+ fees for A+ work and they deserve A+ service and service delivery. Anything less is a failure. Quality means exceeding our clients’ and our co-workers’ expectations every time to the completion of the tactic. A study or report is only an interim step in a tactical process. Reaching the business goal is the end of the process.
  3. Personal success is attainable – with agreed-upon terms that meet both our clients’ needs and the needs of our organization. We constantly seek new opportunities for professional growth to improve the service to our clients; remain on the cutting edge of media, creativity and technology; and ensure satisfaction through personal development.
  4. Jaffe is a model for an entrepreneurial and “intrapreneurial” company. We are not afraid of risk or the opportunity to try something new. In our desire for success, we embrace innovation and creativity every day – and welcome the opportunity to do so.
  5. New business development, from a prospective or an existing client, is not essential for growth … it is essential for survival. We are aggressive in pursuing selected business opportunities within our niche markets. Business development is something that everyone at Jaffe does and supports, but we will not accept new business if we cannot ensure results or if the client is not committed to seeking a new level of success.
  6. We will use technology to do our work better, faster, smarter, cheaper and more easily. Technology builds bridges to our clients and strengthens communication. A virtual consultancy makes the best sense for us – yesterday, today and for the immediate tomorrow.
  7. In the end, our reputation is all we really own. We will give back to our profession every chance we get. We respect what we do and the way we do it. There are many others who can do parts of what we do, but not all the things we do, and not the way we do them. Our phone does not ring accidentally.
  8. Jaffe requires a personal commitment. A commitment of time. A commitment of undivided attention. A commitment to do whatever it takes to “get the job done” in the quality manner we expect. Anything less is an excuse. Responsibility is the bottom line. We take it.
  9. We treat our clients’ resources as if they are our own, because it is our clients who allow us to be in business. 
  10. It has to be fun or we’ll stop doing it. Helping our clients be serious about their reputations is an exciting professional, personal and business opportunity. We embrace it!