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The good, the bad, the ugly and the future of law firm PR

It is clear that a main theme of the Legal Marketing Association’s 2014 Annual Conference was change—how to anticipate it and how to deal with it when it catches you off-guard. ... Read more

#LMA14 in 3 Words: Time. To. Change.

“I will get by. I will survive.” 
– Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead

... Read more

Why law firms should target millennials (Part 1)

Lately, a lot of ink is being spilled on the growing tension between the baby boomers and the millennials. ... Read more

Stop the Flack Attack: PR pros always have something to learn

I hate the term “PR flack” that journalists and others often use to refer to public relations professionals, or publicists. It conjures up a visual of the exact opposite of how I view the demeanor and results that my colleagues and I present to our clients. To me, it’s a negative term that implies a lack of ethics, a lack of credibility. ... Read more

Does your law firm need a social media command center?

In just a few short years, law firm social media has gone from something firms banned associates from using, to a day-to-day means of communicating with clients and prospects. Along the way, managing social media has become something of a herculean task with a definite impact on law firm marketing department resources. ... Read more

SXSW: Lessons for legal marketers from today’s trendsetters

The annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, which just concluded in Austin, Tex., began as a music festival in 1987 and has evolved into an annual mash-up mecca for start-up founders, techies, social media specialists, trendspotters, cool-kid celebrities (I’m talking to you, Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham), and some of the most talented creators i ... Read more

Should law firms attend trade shows?

Like so many service providers, Jaffe PR will have a booth at this year’s Legal Marketing Association conference in Orlando, Fla. ... Read more

Law firm rankings can be a big boost for midsize firms

Midsize law firms offer clients the best of both the small- and large-firm experience. These firms, which range in size from 50–150 attorneys, have many of the benefits of smaller firms, such as lower fees, more personalized attention and niche knowledge, yet also have the resources and full-service capabilities of large firms.

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Generation Like: What can we learn from tomorrow’s executives?

I recently watched a “Frontline” segment on PBS by media theorist, writer and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff called “Generation Like.” The documentary delves into what it’s like to venture on the traditional teenage quest for identity and connection in today’s digital world. ... Read more

Nothing but Internet: 3 website tips inspired by March Madness

Ah, March! My favorite time of year (and not because the snow may finally melt and crocuses start to push up through the frozen earth). ... Read more