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Social Skills: 3 social media lessons from the Hobby Lobby decision

Recently, we’ve seen the power of social media to influence the public conversation, this time in the legal arena. Over the past few months, the Supreme Court tackled several hot-button issues, including affirmative action and the separation of church and state, and those on the losing sides harnessed the power of social media to help turn their dissents into trending topics.

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Why your managing partners need to be on social media

How can law firms use social media to attract more clients and further their public reputations? As a digital publicity specialist working with executives in the social media space, my first response to that is to put more managing partners on social media and optimize their personal brands for the good of the firm’s.

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How will Google’s updates affect your law firm digital marketing strategy?

Have you already shifted into the mental summer vacation mode? With kids out of school and warm days ahead, you might be thinking about that upcoming trip to the beach, state park camping vacation or whitewater rafting adventure.

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Are law firms ready for the P2P revolution?

Everyone in business knows what B2B and B2C are, but do they know what P2P is?  P2P means People to People, and it’s the way we need to think to be successful today – and tomorrow – when it comes to law firm brand awareness, brand loyalty, business development and legal marketing.

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5 Tips to Amp Up Your Social Media Game

Lawyers from across the country have dipped their toes into the social media pool and are witnessing firsthand how tools like Twitter and LinkedIn can buoy business development efforts. Some law firms are even cannonballing into the water with impressive social media campaigns aimed at educating all staff on the benefits of social media engagement.

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What law firms can learn from the New York Times digital report

I might not be a dinosaur stuck in the pre-digital age, fetching the paperboy’s delivery to read my morning news or struggling to find the on/off switch for my electronic typewriter-with-a-screen – but I’m also not sure how I feel about the growing dominance of digital media outlets in the news delivery marketplace.

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Ch… Ch… Changes: A look back at 15 years in law firm PR

This past February marked my 15th anniversary with Jaffe. Aside from the fact that I’m amazingly still in my mid-20s, what I’ve been reflecting on the most is how things have changed in that decade and a half. And yet, much has also remained the same.

First, the changes.

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The 5 hottest trends in law firm web design

It’s no secret that smartphone owners use their devices to surf the Web. And why wouldn’t they? Most people are connected to their devices from morning till night. ... Read more

3 PR strategies to capture local PR for your law firm

Political icon and former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Tip O’Neill famously quipped, “All politics is local.” These words of wisdom have been interpreted to mean that, to be successful on the high-profile stage of national politics, a politician must effectively connect with constituents in her or his hometown district. ... Read more