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Nailed It or Failed It? 2014 Law firm digital marketing in review

Looking back at the past year, my law firm clients executed some amazing digital marketing strategies that resulted in phenomenal success. While many campaigns were home runs, others failed completely. But the beauty of digital marketing is our ability to measure the difference between a win and a fail. Knowing what worked and what didn’t helps us formulate future campaigns and strategies. ... Read more

New Year, New You: The benefits of trying something new

If your law firm marketing or business development plan simply entails crossing out 2014 and adding 2015 to the title, you have a problem. Doing the same thing year after year will generate the same old results. Putting a little marketing spice in the mix will flavor the stew. ... Read more

Uber PR Crisis: What law firms can learn from the startup’s debacle

Here we go again. Uber, the premier ride-share company that is available in more than 200 cities and growing, is unraveling in the headlines after threatening journalists’ – and allegedly all of their customers’ – privacy.

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That’s a Wrap: Ending your year with a strong finish

During the holidays, we all get wrapped up in things that are potential distractions from finishing.  Failing to finish is all too common. If you’re an attorney or law firm marketing professional, it’s time to wrap up your week, your quarter and your year. Look, everyone, there are still a few weeks left in 2014. That is plenty of time to accomplish so much before year’s end. 

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Let’s Talk Turkey

During this time of year, it’s important to reflect on all for which we have to be thankful. And as a PR and marketing agency, the digital age has given us a lot to appreciate. We give thanks to the following because, without the items on the list, our services would not be as essential.   

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Honky Talkin’: Does country music hold the key to storytelling for lawyers?

Two weeks ago, the country music world honored and awarded some of the industry’s top artists. Just a few weeks before that, I was in Nashville at the LMASE conference, where we were entertained by an award-winning country music songwriting duo. ... Read more

Rankings Overload: Which surveys are right for your firm?

Law firm rankings and surveys are nothing new to legal marketing professionals. We all get inundated with notices about upcoming opportunities on a regular basis, in part because the sheer number of surveys and rankings for law firms and their attorneys has grown exponentially in the past few years. ... Read more

Thou Shalt Not Lie: How Jian Ghomeshi broke crisis rule #1

It’s been an awful couple of weeks in Canada. First, two of our military were killed on domestic soil, just for being in uniform. One was run over. Another was shot and killed in an attack on the seat of Canada’s federal government, Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Those tragedies have shaken Canadians.

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Mid-Size Crisis: How can law firm PR help middle-market firms remain competitive?

Industry observers are increasingly acknowledging and dissecting a verifiable trend that could have a major impact on mid-size law firms – the insourcing of legal services. ... Read more

The Lawyering Dead

The moans and howls of the undead echo through the mahogany walls of Killem Skinnem & Eatem LLP. Even though they’ve demonstrated an insatiable appetite for human flesh, their hunger has yet to lead them to the supply closet on the 13th floor, where I – the CMO of the firm – have managed to find safety … if only temporarily.

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