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Law Firm Public Relations Services

With emerging technology, law firm public relations has evolved into and all-encompasing strategy we call Legal Brand Journalism™. Legal Brand Journalism involves rethinking how to proactively, strategically and consistently use digital media across multiple channels and platforms.

What does this mean? It means taking every digital tactic you’ve either been using or considered using – publishing articles, blogging, creating videos, hosting webinars, podcasting, and on and on – and taking your efforts to the next level. It means creating a strategy that revolves around consistent content creation and proactively distributing and publishing it to target audiences yourself. Yes, this means devoting time to actively participating online, which can seem scary at first, but it also means freeing yourself from traditional publishing scenarios.

Rest assured, Legal Brand Journalism does not replace law firm media relations – it complements media relations. It enhances your firm and attorneys’ visibility, making you a more likely (and valuable) source for reporters. And, because readers can depend on you to be a consistent source of relevant information, it grows your sphere of influence – rapidly

Yes, you can do all of this – and Jaffe PR can show you how.

How does Jaffe PR help move firms up the public reputation curve? Check out our 4-Step Process for an overview.