Alfred Romanoski

Senior Vice President
Marketing & Business Development

Why I Love My Job
It has always been my passion to work with creative, purposeful people as colleagues and clients.

Professionally Speaking

Al is a client service-oriented professional with nearly 30 years’ experience in business development and marketing for law firms. His broad-based management experience gives him an edge in creating and implementing efficient and productive marketing strategies and tactics for individuals, practice groups and client teams.

Highlights of his experience include the reorganization of an AMLAW 100 firms’ litigation practice, expanding that firm’s IP practice from 37 to 117 attorneys and positioning the firm to bid successfully on MDL litigation as regional coordinating counsel. Under his leadership, alternative-fee proposals figured prominently in producing significant revenue, while a firmwide sales/coaching regimen institutionalized a culture of business development. 

Al also created and administered a client interview program at a major Western firm and developed metrics to bid successfully on matters involving complex litigation, including creative RFP responses. The firm also won an ABA “Dignity in Advertising” award.

He also was the CMO at a large midwestern firm that merged with a large New York firm to create a top 10 AMLAW firm. He guided the crisis management efforts at the firm after the destruction of its New York office in Tower One of the World Trade Center.

In addition, Al managed the public relations effort following the departure of 60 attorneys at a midsized Florida firm, and later – through his business development and coaching approach – positioned the firm to become part of the lead counsel in the BP oil spill litigation.

Al’s previous business experience includes advising British business executives visiting America, president of a publicly traded oil and gas company, uncovering new business opportunities for a British-based aircraft conglomerate, and professional skills sales executive for XEROX.

I can help you...

  • Develop strategic and tactical marketing plans.
  • Create partner and associate individual business development plans.
  • Draft alternative fee proposals and RFP responses.
  • Integrate marketing plans post-M&A.
  • Direct crisis management.
  • Facilitate client development activities.

Favorite Interests

Automobile racing and vintage automobile competition, boating, fishing and relaxing on the beach, target shooting, woodworking and refinishing, house renovation and construction.

Personally Speaking

A quick look at my résumé would reveal a wide and varied work history. I have had the great opportunity to live and work internationally in cities such as Los Angeles; Houston; Birmingham; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Tampa; London; Baton Rouge; and Denver. I learned that, while there is no perfect place, each location has special attributes that make it fun and challenging. The real joy, though, is in experiencing the locals and diving into the culture of each city. Skiing in Colorado, fishing in the Gulf, house-building in Taos and sitting in the stands at NASCAR Talladega have all been the rewards of living in diverse geographical environments. These experiences have enhanced my professional life and career, since change has been a constant in my life, and I am a better person for it.