Deborah Schwartz

Associate Manager
Public Relations

Why I Love My Job
Building on the trusted relationships I’ve established with reporters so they want to listen and choose to write about the ideas I pitch excites me.

Professionally Speaking

For more than 28 years, Deborah has helped lawyers build their reputations while cultivating strong relationships with key reporters and editors along the way. Her knowledge of law firms and legal issues helps her craft relevant and newsworthy media pitches. She is a tenacious public relations professional who won’t stop until she finds the right story for the right media outlet. Her ability to match attorneys and their knowledge with reporters in need of story ideas and sources has led to Deborah’s standing as a highly respected legal publicist, one to whom reporters turn for expert resources.

Throughout her career, Deborah has placed news stories with national and international media, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Times (UK), Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Businessweek, the “Today” show, “PBS NewsHour,” CNN, NBC, “20/20,” “Nightly Business Report,” NPR and numerous others. She has provided public relations counsel for a range of high-profile cases and complex issues, including the NCAA/O’Bannon lawsuit, World War II and Holocaust-related restitution cases, Iraqi contractor issues, Agent Orange Supreme Court case resolution, the Wal-Mart sex discrimination lawsuit (Dukes v. Wal-Mart), and many others.

I can help you...

  • Craft relevant and newsworthy media pitches that deliver top-level coverage.
  • Position your attorneys to reporters as legal analysts and knowledgeable resources.
  • Analyze the aspects of a case filing to identify what appeals to the press.

Favorite Interests

Serving as a guardian ad litem, working in schools on the READ program with my dog, practicing yoga, cycling, reading, gardening

Personally Speaking

Deborah is insatiably curious. It’s a trait that guided her through a career in education and led her to Jaffe, where her curiosity is endlessly indulged. Every day, she scours the news for fresh trends and opportunities to share our clients’ work with the world. Deborah’s knack for asking unexpected questions and viewing stories from multiple angles makes her a natural asset for our legal PR team.