Kevin Aschenbrenner

Senior Vice President
Public Relations

Why I Love My Job
I have a job that is fast-paced and constantly evolving, and I get to learn something new every day.

Professionally Speaking

Kevin helps lawyers make news. Whether it’s securing interviews with top media outlets or arranging a bylined article opportunity in a key trade publication, Kevin ensures his clients are visible in the marketplace. As an experienced public relations specialist, he takes a strategic approach to helping place attorneys in the outlets that reach their clients and prospects – in-house counsel, C-level executives and others who make legal services hiring decisions. He’s seen clients quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times and Fortune, just to name a few. He has an enviable list of close media contacts, developed over more than16 years of working in legal PR. He also serves as a trusted advisor to attorneys, law firms and their clients during PR crises.

Kevin regularly advises law firms and attorneys on how to take advantage of social media. He understands the unique situations of his clients, who are using social media in a tightly regulated sector, and guides them in making effective use of their limited time.

I can help you...

  • Develop a strategic public relations plan with measurable outcomes
  • Raise awareness of your work with clients and prospects
  • Secure interviews with key publications
  • Place bylined articles in important trade outlets
  • Work comfortably with the media and develop lasting relationships
  • Develop effective social media strategies
  • Wordsmith and edit your articles

Favorite Interests

Reading, writing, walking, TV, movies

Personally Speaking

Kevin is a true news junkie. If he’s not monitoring news in real time on Twitter, he’s listening to the BBC World Service for an international perspective. This keeps him on top of trends and issues that can be valuable pitch topics for his clients.

Kevin’s favorite quote is from Steven King: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: Read a lot, and write a lot.” To that end, Kevin always has a novel, magazine or nonfiction book on the go, often all at once. This keeps his writing sharp and innovative, and his editing skills in peak condition.

He also has a slight TV habit he’s working on … but not that hard.