Michelle Samuels

Vice President
Public Relations

Why I Love My Job
Each client is a box of puzzle pieces. I love devising a strategy and finding the best way to put the puzzle together.

Professionally Speaking

As a Vice President of Public Relations, Michelle specializes in raising the visibility of law firms through strategic media relations campaigns. While Michelle has worked as a public relations consultant with many of the industry's leading national and mid-sized law firms, she is best known for helping clients achieve specific goals by working with each firm to craft a customized media plan that will meet its vision of success. This approach to public relations services makes her an invaluable part of each client’s marketing team.

On behalf of her clients, Michelle conducts successful media relations campaigns for attorneys in practice areas ranging from financial services to energy law and commercial litigation to capital markets. She is creative and resourceful in developing new story ideas and angles to pitch on behalf of her clients and is constantly cultivating relationships with key editors and reporters at the media outlets her clients want to reach.

Michelle came to Jaffe from Edelman, a global public relations firm, where she spent several years in New York and Chicago working with law firms and professional services clients on the development and execution of public relations campaigns.

I can help you...

  • Find your target audience – no matter how specific – and come up with a plan to reach them.
  • Gain recognition as a third-party commentator on timely and trending topics.
  • Find ways to use your firm’s intellectual capital to gain added visibility.
  • Get to the next level in marketing your practice and firm.

Favorite Interests

Having adventures with my family, dancing, reading, writing, swimming, shopping, going to Broadway shows, vegging out

Personally Speaking

Entering unfamiliar territory can be intimidating, but for Michelle, it represents an exciting new challenge. She’s a sponge for knowledge whose inquisitiveness has taken her to the White House, where she served as an intern in President Clinton’s speechwriting department. While there, she saw her diligent research translated into inspiring words that the world would hear. 

These days, Michelle uses her love of learning to inform our clients’ public reputation campaigns and raise their visibility in a strategic way. She also has a love of theater, the arts and creative writing that, surprisingly, comes in handy when working with lawyers and law firms. Sometimes a really offbeat or creative approach is needed to help craft an effective pitch or reach a target audience. For Michelle, when high-level strategy intersects with creativity, the result is a work of art.