Paul D. Webb

Senior Vice President
Marketing & Business Development

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Why I Love My Job
I have the opportunity to work with incredibly smart people, and help them to stretch and challenge themselves in ways they haven’t previously considered.

Professionally Speaking

Every organization has a distinctive quality and a story to tell, and throughout his career, Paul has been uncovering the kinds of unique narratives that attract clients. Skilled in the creation of persuasive profiles for diverse audiences and sophisticated networks, he provides marketing and business development strategies that enhance reputations and create long-term value. Paul employs data analysis, client feedback, and the production of award-winning, imaginative marketing communications to highlight an organization’s outstanding characteristics. 

As a former CMO, Paul understands how clients select representation: “It’s not just the experience or the pricing that allows them to decide; at some point, there is also an emotional connection where the client realizes that ‘This is the right organization to solve my problem.’” Using his background in market research, his work in media companies and his legal education, Paul guides organizations along a path that helps them define their strengths and stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

Paul has also served as an adjunct university professor, teaching a class titled “Legal Issues in Communication Management.” He has been a frequent seminar panelist and member of the National Planning Committee for the Legal Marketing Association, panelist for the International Legal Technology Association, and contributing author focusing on marketing- and business development-related issues for publications such as the National Law Journal and Law360.


“The Future of Law Firm PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly”
Law360, April 17, 2014

“Trends in Media/PR for Law Firms in Terms of What’s Valuable and Effective Today,” Panelist
Legal Marketing Association 2014 Annual Conference, April 4, 2014

“Electrify Your CRM/ERM: Tips from 6 Gigawatt Generators,” Panelist
International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 2012 Conference, August 27, 2012

“Old School Methods can still play a role in rainmaking”
National Law Journal, July 4, 2011

“Knowledge Management on a Typical Day”
National Law Journal, July 21, 2009

I can help you...

  • Produce identity marketing for organizations and individuals.
  • Coach groups and individuals for business development and media.
  • Guide pitch/presentation strategies.
  • Conduct client interviews for feedback and market research.
  • Develop internal messaging for client-facing and administrative personnel.
  • Analyze existing client potential for cost-effective growth.

Favorite Interests

Photography, home remodeling, biking, tennis, eating my wife’s cooking.

Personally Speaking

With his youngest of two daughters about to follow her sister to college, Paul and his wife will soon experience being empty nesters. He is also working on rehabbing/remodeling the house where he spent his teenage years.