Susan Holmes


Why I Love My Job
I can use my knowledge of legal rankings to help attorneys and firms identify opportunities that aid in business development. It’s also awesome to work from home.

Professionally Speaking

As the Manager of RankingsForLawyersTM, Susan Holmes works closely with clients to help them craft well-written, compelling nominations. She started with Jaffe in 2008 as a researcher for our RankingsForLawyersTM service and, since that time, she has worked to grow our database to more than 1,200 attorney and law firm rankings. She also has developed relationships with researchers and publishers that help clients better understand ranking criteria.

Susan likes helping clients achieve their business development goals through rankings successes. Assisting them in acquiring Chambers or Legal 500 rankings makes her day. For Susan, there really is nothing better than hitting the Send button to submit a well-constructed nomination before the deadline.

Before working at Jaffe, Susan worked for Pepsi Cola NA and Bristol Myers Squibb in sales and marketing roles. For Susan, marketing consumer products was not unlike legal marketing, as she had to understand the industries’ unique challenges and devise strategic ways to help them achieve their goals. At Jaffe, she uses these learned skills to help usher our clients toward success.

I can help you...

  • Manage the 1,100-plus attorney and law firm rankings available.
  • Focus on the rankings that matter to potential clients.
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing the rankings function.
  • Write successful Chambers submissions.
  • Identify speaking engagements.

Favorite Interests

Running 5Ks, scuba diving, kickball with my family, reading, home improvement projects, watching “Psych”

Personally Speaking

Susan’s project management skills aren’t relegated just to Jaffe. Outside of the office, she is very involved in her kids’ schools, her church and the organizations her family is a part of. For the past 10 years, she has been the director and an instructor of a community-outreach exercise program through her church. The program offers classes in aerobics, yoga and People with Arthritis Can Exercise (PACE). She is the first vice president of the PTA at her son’s middle school and serves as chairperson for the largest fundraiser for her daughter’s color guard team. She finds that the optimism and cooperative attitude she brings to these projects is infectious.

Susan’s easygoing, laid-back approach can be quite misleading. Her friends will tell you that she has a competitive spirit. For her, losing is not an option. She will fight with everything she has to win, which makes her a tremendous asset for any team.