Terry M. Isner

Marketing & Branding

Why I Love My Job
The fact that my job is to be innovative, creative, playfully strategic and visually hypersensitive regarding everything I do is like never having to grow up.

Professionally Speaking

As someone who is more likely to set trends than to follow them, Terry is the rare mix of business strategist and artist. A multiple LMA Your Honor Award recipient and one of LawDragon’s “100 Legal Consultants You Need to Know,” Terry has been the creative force behind a number of high-profile national campaigns that have pushed the envelope in professional services marketing. He incorporates a variety of multimedia – from video to digital design to photography – to provide clients with cutting-edge tactics that break them out of the legal marketing mold and get them the visibility and branding they need to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. A former CMO of an AmLaw 100 firm, he has a unique understanding of law firm strategy and the creative vision to provide campaigns that generate results.

Terry often draws inspiration from outside the legal industry to formulate innovative approaches to law firm marketing and PR. As one of the owners of Jaffe, he works closely with our client teams across the agency to provide input on new strategic and creative tactics and techniques that distinguish our clients from others in the industry.   


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I can help you...

  • Identify your firm’s current market position
  • Develop a comprehensive law firm marketing plan
  • Develop award-winning creative strategies and campaigns
  • Create custom metrics to measure success

Favorite Interests

Scuba diving, surfing, painting, traveling, watching my three daughters become their own individuals, gardening, and sharing our beach town with my husband, our friends and family.

Personally Speaking

When he’s not lending his ingenuity to client campaigns and leading Jaffe through the changing legal marketing environment, Terry can often be found at his easel, bringing a different kind of vision to life. Through his years of experience as a painter, he has honed his ability to communicate even the most complex and abstract ideas visually. It is this same artistic eye that gives Terry an inventive perspective on legal marketing.

He also is an avid waterman and enjoys scuba diving, riding the waves and paddle-boarding near his home in the oceanfront community of Rehoboth Beach, DE. It is in the water where creative inspiration often strikes Terry. He also enjoys giving back by supporting charitable causes such as CAMP Rehoboth, the Special Olympics, HeART of the Community and the American Heart Association.