Business Development Coaching

Looking to build your practice or empower your attorneys with the necessary skills to sell your firm’s services? Consider hiring a business development coach.

Business development coaching is a confidential, one-on-one relationship with an experienced and objective third party who helps an attorney or small team of attorneys create realistic goals and action plans. At Jaffe, our business development coaches for lawyers have more than 20 years of leadership experience in the legal industry. They apply their knowledge to devising customized strategies for networking, developing and nurturing professional relationships; building business leads; and bringing in new business for law firms, practice groups, industry groups and individual attorneys.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Conduct routine coaching sessions to encourage new business development
  • Establish action items and a system of accountability to monitor follow-through
  • Alter strategies as situations change to ensure ongoing effectiveness

Jaffe will assess your skills and goals to identify opportunities for improvement.

Law Firm Business Development Consulting

No matter how much the legal industry evolves, the human element will always come first. That’s why you need sales ambassadors who can meaningfully connect with prospects, anticipate their problems and provide solutions that position your firm as the right choice.

Jaffe provides law firms with business development coaching to equip lawyers and staff with the skills they need to turn casual conversations into actionable leads. Our tactics are never generic. With careers steeped in the industry, our veteran business development consultants understand the unique challenges of selling legal services. We know that with a willing participant and an experienced coach amazing results happen. We research your firm, your practices, your attorneys and your desired targets to customize a sales approach that works for you. We also incorporate innovative tools, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, to give you a leg up over your competition.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Conduct analysis to assess your current communication style and business development mentality
  • Provide insight on how to identify sources for new business
  • Empower you with critical sales skills
  • Create tailored communication plans to help you exceed sales expectations

Jaffe can help you establish a personalized set of goals and provide ongoing accountability.

Law Firm Market Research

You can’t always predict where the legal services market is going, but you can take steps to stay ahead. By anticipating the needs of your clients, prospects and the industries you service, your firm can become the go-to solution for today’s emerging challenges. Jaffe can help you survey the marketplace and audit your attorneys’ expertise to identify the most attractive growth areas for your firm. Whether it’s entering a new geographic market, servicing a new industry sector, redirecting resources to a more profitable practice, or improving the profitability of an existing practice, we help you make use of your untapped potential and develop a business development strategy.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Audit your law firm’s revenue sources
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Survey the marketplace

Jaffe can provide guidance on

resource allocation.

RFP Support

In today’s economy, RFPs and RFQs are becoming the norm as corporate clients seek to contract top talent at reduced costs. For law firms, taking part in these so-called “beauty contests” can be a challenge. How do you position yourself competitively without undervaluing your services? Jaffe’s Business Development consultants can help you assess incoming requests, conduct competitive analysis and provide strategic input on your proposal. We also have skilled Content Developers and Creative Designers who can work with your attorneys to write and design your response package so that your proposal will rise to the top of the stack.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Assess incoming RFPs
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Provide strategic input on proposal

Jaffe can help you design eye-catching
RFP response packages.

Law Firm Retreats

Education doesn’t stop once you get a degree. As technology and economics continue to reshape the business of law, new best practices are constantly emerging. To remain competitive, you need to stay sharp. Whether you’re looking for a refresher on law firm business development and PR, an opportunity to motivate and encourage your attorneys to sell, or an information session on corporate storytelling, Jaffe’s team of experienced consultants can create a customized and interactive training session to accelerate the success of your lawyers at your next law firm retreat.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Consult on programming for law firm retreats
  • Develop custom law firm retreat programming
  • Interact with attorneys onsite to inspire learning