Law Firm Branding

Just because your law firm isn’t a soft drink or sports car doesn’t mean it isn’t a brand. In fact, your law firm brand tells the world who you are, what you do and how you do it better than the rest. Whether your firm is looking to breathe new life into an aging brand, create a memorable identity or carve out a unique market position, Jaffe has the strategic and creative expertise to help you develop your brand in a way that visually articulates your firm’s culture, values and key differentiators, internally and externally. From assessments and competitive analysis to creative strategy development, law firm logo design and creative copywriting, our experienced creative services experts can help you break out of the traditional law firm mold.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Conduct a comprehensive brand assessment and competitive analysis.
  • Develop a custom brand and creative strategy.
  • Design eye-catching law firm logos.
  • Draft creative copy for digital and printed materials.

Jaffe can produce an array of law firm collateral, e.g., brochures, business cards, etc.

Law Firm Digital Media

If your law firm is not investing in digital media, what is it investing in? Digital media has caused the biggest disruption to the status quo in the history of marketing. Not only can it incorporate a variety of media, but it also provides unparalleled scalability, interactivity, flexibility and, thanks to real-time analytics, measurability. Jaffe’s strategists, graphic designers and copywriters know the latest trends in digital marketing and apply our creativity to get you the attention you deserve. From developing interactive applications to designing graphics that pop off the page, we can help you plan and execute everything from law firm website design, blogs and e-newsletters to digital holiday cards, e-announcements and ebooks. Basically, if it is digital, we can do it.  

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Develop a custom creative strategy.
  • Create game-winning designs for your digital media projects.
  • Draft copy that resonates with your brand and with your audience.
  • Provide SEO strategy and related services.

Jaffe can conduct a comprehensive brand assessment and competitive analysis.

Law Firm Videos

People are visual creatures, which makes video one of the most effective marketing tools at the firm level, practice level and individual level. There is no better way to make virtual connections and cut through the content clutter than to visually convey the stories of your firm, attorneys and clients. Jaffe can manage all aspects of law firm videos, from pre-production strategy, creative development and scripting to production to post-production editing and effects. Jaffe also provides strategic direction and best practices related to leveraging your videos through blogs, the firm website and social media channels. For us, it’s not just about delivering a polished video; it’s about delivering a client-focused message that aligns with your firm’s brand identity and values.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Identify on-camera talent and filming locations.
  • Draft scripts and storyboards that incorporate your firm’s messaging.
  • Provide expert-level production services.
  • Edit and package videos for distribution.

Jaffe can help you strategize visual and content elements of a law firm video campaign.

Law Firm Brochures and Other Print Materials

Digital hasn't killed print. We all crave that sense of touch, and print materials lend an unparalleled personal quality to your marketing collateral. That’s why firms have long relied on law firm brochures, printed newsletters, invitations and announcements, law firm advertisements, folders, and fliers to help spread their messages. Jaffe’s team of strategists, designers and copywriters help law firms tell their stories through print. Whether you are looking to package a response to an RFP, mail printed holiday cards or hand out firm information at a recruiting event, Jaffe can help your law firm stand out.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Conduct media placement research for law firm advertisements.
  • Write effective, engaging content.
  • Create compelling designs and layouts for all materials.
  • Manage the printing and production process of your law firm print needs.

Jaffe can develop an on-brand strategy
for all law firm print materials.