Law Firm Website Design

Your law firm website is your personal broadcasting station to the world – and so much more. It’s the epicenter of your brand, the foundation of your marketing program, and the fire in which all design and messaging is forged and made accessible to an audience of millions. Whether you are undertaking a full-fledged law firm website design project, launching a microsite for a specific practice or developing an attorney-penned blog, Jaffe can walk you through the process by developing a strategy; creating a project timeline; providing you with our staff of digital design, website copywriting and SEO consultants; and overseeing project management to ensure the timely delivery of a top-quality final product.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Assess your law firm website goals.
  • Provide design, copywriting and SEO services.
  • Manage the project and personnel from inception to completion.

Jaffe can develop an overarching digital marketing strategy and project timeline.

Law Firm Email Marketing Services

The Internet didn’t kill direct marketing; it enhanced it. With law firm e-newsletters and e-blasts, you can choose to scale and reach your audience any way you choose, from targeting a large pool of current clients to focusing on a niche selection of corporate decision-makers. Jaffe can work with you to assess your direct marketing goals, aggregate and segregate your audience lists, consult on CRM management, and design electronic templates that you can use for each new e-newsletter or e-blast effort. We also can help you produce topical and on-brand content that will inspire your recipients to act.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Develop audience lists and advise on database management.
  • Design e-newsletter and e-blast templates.
  • Draft direct marketing copy.

Jaffe can assess your law firm
direct marketing goals.

Law Firm Holiday Cards and E-Announcements

You value your clients, so it’s important that the quality of your communications reflects your appreciation. With animation, video and audio capabilities, digital holiday cards and e-announcements have that “wow” factor that printed materials just can’t compete with. At Jaffe, we specialize in adding flair to routine electronic announcements – such as office moves, new hires and promotions – so your updates don’t go unnoticed. We also leverage our team of experienced digital and creative consultants to craft custom holiday cards that will make your brand memorable.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Strategize e-announcement design and messaging.
  • Develop animation, video and audio elements for e-holiday cards.

Jaffe can combine compelling copy with unique design that will stand out from the clutter.

Law Firm Digital Media Services

Videos, ebooks, digital brochures

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And with digital media, pictures are just the beginning. Today’s Internet technology enables law firms to create interactive, content-rich collateral that can inform, engage and captivate an audience. Turn standard brochures into clickable documents embedded with links and animations. Replace your white papers with graphics-rich e-books. And infuse visual storytelling into your case studies, recruitment materials and communications by leveraging video. Jaffe’s industry-leading creative team comprises designers, writers, producers and technologists who can translate your vision into a digital success.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Develop, design and write e-books, digital brochures and other collateral.
  • Produce, edit and package video content.

Jaffe can help you strategize a comprehensive digital content initiative.