PRessPlay Audio and Video Services

PRessPlay™ helps cutting-edge lawyers and law firms use the latest digital technology to reach the audiences they want and need to reach in exciting and creative ways. “Citizen journalist” videos are increasingly in demand and used by traditional broadcast and online media. The public craves authenticity, reality sells, and lawyers have information that their audiences want to know.

Not too long ago, the world of law firm PR news was dominated by the production and distribution of paper and email, but within a very short time span we find these distribution channels yielding to more dynamic, interactive mediums. And while there is no need to go to a professional recording studio to have audio or video news releases created, law firms wishing to come out on top in today’s competitive online landscape must strive to create better, more engaging pieces than their competition. And this is where PRessPlay comes in.

Who needs PRessPlay?

  • The large law firm partner in Washington, D.C. who just saw a bulletin about a Supreme Court decision on CNN and wants to send his comments to CNN, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal via a video press release
  • A solo lawyer in Arizona who just won a large settlement in a personal injury case and wants his local newspaper, TV and radio stations, and everyone he knows to be aware of his victory – including his family and all of his Facebook and LinkedIn friends
  • A practice group leader in a mid-sized Chicago firm who wants to send out an explanation of some new environmental legislation to her clients and prospects, and wants the text to be accompanied by a video (that she also wants posted on the firm’s practice group website)
  • Law firms who want to increase their website’s SEO visibility through the use of “man on the street” videos
  • Any lawyer who wants to use the latest smart phone video technology to easily and quickly record video comments for journalists or others

Journalists have quickly embraced the digital and social revolution. It has spread rapidly to product promotion, political promotion, service promotion and business-to-business promotion ... and now it is coming to the legal profession. Are you ready? We are. And we’re here to help with all of your content, editing and distribution needs.