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Law Firm Media Relations

Law firm media relations continues to evolve, and law firms now need to manage their public reputations with a growing number of audiences, including: traditional and online business, trade and legal media outlets, bloggers, employees, prospects, clients, laterals, referral sources, rankings publishers, conference organizers and social networks. The tactics and timing of legal media relations have also changed, as news travels far more quickly and both positive and negative publicity can have immediate impact, with immediate commentary in the 24-hour news world we all live in.

We use a blend of tactics to promote law firms, including: expert commentary, speaking engagements, blogs, bylined article placements, legal rankings, search engine results, social networking, and more as the world of digital media continues to evolve. And when negative news threatens a brand, we counsel on crisis communications and defensive search engine optimization strategies.

Our seasoned media services specialists have combined experience unmatched by any other firm in the industry. Jaffe PR will create and implement dynamic public reputation management strategies specific to your needs. Get to know the Jaffe PR legal industry media services team.