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Imagine yourself in this situation. As other firms struggle to piece together rankings submissions – usually at the eleventh hour – you sit back and smile. Your firm and attorney submissions were completed expertly, easily and early and they focused on precisely what the editor wanted. Your staff, no longer focused on sifting through more than 950 law firm rankings, is free to concentrate on other critical marketing tasks – and thank goodness for that. Your well-placed rankings have positioned your firm where it deserves to be and both current and prospective clients are noticing and calling you.

 How did you do this? We did it together. Welcome to RankingsForLawyers (RFL).

The RFL team carefully tracks opportunities in leading legal and business publications spanning the top 100 markets in the United States, Canada and abroad so you don’t have to. With more than 25 years of legal rankings, surveys and directories expertise, we know which rankings matter. Our specialists not only create a legal rankings strategy developed specifically for you, we also facilitate submissions and provide tried and true best practices to support and improve your results.

RankingsForLawyers delivers:

  • A firm or lawyer specific list of credible rankings that target your market and practice areas
  • A rankings submission docketing system so that you never miss a ranking deadline
  • Expert consultants that have established relationships with editors and researchers and can help you draft winning nominations
  • Time and money savings for you by doing what we do best and giving you the time back to do what you do best

Over the years, our clients have been recognized with notable honors: RankingsForLawyers Successes

Contact Susan Holmes at sholmes@jaffepr.com or 203-913-2481 today to learn more about RankingsForLawyers and what our specialists can do for you.