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Picture this: You arrive in the office one morning to find your inbox, voicemail and receptionist flooded with potential client requests. A quick review of your website analytics reveals a sharp spike in visits, comments and back-links to your content. Your business development staff works furiously to meet the growing demand for proposals and HR is even sourcing new candidates. You/your firm are now thought leaders, industry influencers – a guiding force whose advice is aggressively sought after.

How did you do this? We did it together. Welcome to WritersForLawyers.

This phenomenon didn’t happen overnight, rather it was the culmination of the collaborative efforts of our writers and your industry experts to create substantive, relevant content for your niche target audience.

Jaffe PR’s WritersForLawyers™ (WFL) are experienced copywriters for attorneys who specialize in law firm Web content, legal marketing copywriting, ghostwriting, search engine keyword optimization, and profile building on LinkedIn and other social media sites. And beyond writing crisp, concise and audience-driven pieces, our writers also provide strategic content curation advice designed to help you more tightly organize and share your content, ensuring you cast the widest net possible when it comes to precisely showcasing your work.

Working with our specialized writers for lawyers means no opportunity time lost. Your attorneys continue billing time while WFL crafts critical messaging that supports your brand and reinforces your online reputation.