Join Our Culture of Caring

Water is our most vital need, and yet more than two billion people around the world are forced to rely on contaminated drinking sources. Nonprofit Wine To Water taps our communities for support, and provides supplies and training for donors to build water filters that can be shipped to locations facing water crises. The organization sends filters and provides desperately needed help internationally to areas such as Haiti and Nepal, as well as to domestic areas in crisis, including Houston and Puerto Rico. Jaffe believes in the collective power of a compassionate community, which is why we have partnered with Wine To Water to help provide relief to the world’s clean water crisis.

We invite you to join Jaffe, booth #204 at the LMA Annual Conference, and participate in a hands-on clean water solution, meet a Wine To Water representative and find out more about how you and your firm can get involved.

We’ll supply the materials for you to build a water filter and write a special personal message of hope that will be shipped to communities and families in need around the globe. Each water filter removes 99.99% of organic contaminates and provides a family of five with 6-10 years of clean water. Share in the caring spirit, stop by and help us make a difference!

Wine To Water enlists the support of thousands of people around the globe who are committed to living, loving, serving and giving. More than half a million people now have access to clean water through the Wine To Water community, and those numbers are growing daily. To learn more, visit