Back in February, when I wrote about what SoulCycle can teach law firms about brand loyalty, I was a SoulCycle newbie. My husband thought my dedication to its classes was just a passing phase. How could this program keep my interest? Months later, I’m still going strong, growing stronger and learning more – both personally and professionally – from the SoulCycle community.

The following marketing tips are a few more things that legal marketers can learn from SoulCycle’s success.

Keep It Fresh

No SoulCycle class is ever the same and, no matter how many classes I attend, it is never easy. The instructors work hard to mix up the music and the choreography to push riders to the next level. Riders generally know what to expect, but are often surprised by a new dance move or twist to the routine. Even the most seasoned riders are challenged during every single ride.

As law firm marketers, we cannot rest on our laurels. We must constantly come up with new ways to pitch our attorneys and keep them top of mind for clients, prospects and reporters.

Be a Catalyst for Change

The SoulCycle ride is known not only for the physical challenge but the mental one as well. Instructors encourage riders to push their limits, try things they’ve never done before and think differently.

It is our role as legal marketing professionals to encourage our attorneys to try new tactics, use new technology and do things they’ve never done before to stand out in the crowd. After all, the legal industry is in a state of flux, so it’s important that lawyers continue to follow Jaffe’s motto and adapt to change.

Your Current Clients Are Your Best Marketers

SoulCycle takes word-of-mouth marketing very seriously. For my recent birthday celebration, a group of friends and family (half of whom had never been to SoulCycle) joined me for a class. Because I am a loyal customer and was bringing in new riders, SoulCycle generously provided our rides on the house. I’m sure a few of those who rode with me will be back again for more.

Law firm marketers should keep in mind that current clients are the best source of referrals. Show your clients how much they are valued by taking them out to lunch or inviting them to a firm-sponsored event. The extra effort will help cultivate goodwill and shape your clients into your biggest brand advocates.

Share Your Knowledge

I follow SoulCycle on various social networks where, a few times a week, the company shares healthy recipes, inspirational stories and (the coveted) SoulCycle playlists.

At Jaffe, we provide tips and ideas for marketing via our e-newsletter and social media outlets. Some firms share industry-specific information with clients and prospects. Take, for example, Bracewell & Giuliani’s Energy Blog and the JAMS ADR Blog, which reports the latest developments in arbitration and mediation.

Like legal marketing, SoulCycle continues to challenge me, keep me focused and teach me new things.  One of the greatest takeaways from my SoulCycle experience has been just how much brand loyalty is directly related to quality client service. If your firm is looking to foster SoulCycle-level brand loyalty, contact me, Lisa Altman, at to discuss your goals.