Public relations plays an invaluable role in helping professionals establish and preserve their reputations, gain credibility, develop relationships and generate business. Firms are increasingly recognizing and leveraging the benefits of public relations, including its wide reach and cost-effectiveness.

In true “work smarter, not harder” spirit, here are four simple, painless ways your firm’s professionals can smartly weave PR tactics into their existing practices.

  • Co-author an article with a client. This two-fold tactic is often overlooked. A client byline endeavor caters to your PR goals while also serving as a business development opportunity. Think through your list of clients and identify those who may be interested in co-authoring something with you. This will provide both of you with increased visibility, enhance your client interaction and cut your workload in half. Win-win-win!
  • Share your good news. When it comes to honors and achievements, don’t be too modest to share. That’s a missed PR opportunity! Be sure to let your marketing department representatives, practice heads, colleagues and alma maters know about your professional successes. They should be celebrated and highlighted. Each hard-earned success helps to elevate your profile, enhance your credibility and reflects well for your firm as whole.
  • Select a current event on which you wish to comment. Clients rightfully expect their trusted advisors to be aware of regulatory changes, judicial precedents and other developments that will affect their businesses. Choose a few issues to watch closely, and identify opportunities to provide media with commentary or articles on their impact. The key is to move swiftly. For example, lawyers have found numerous newsworthy angles to explain how COVID-19 affects their clients’ operations.
  • Repurpose your existing materials. Remember that innovative and engaging presentation you spent hours preparing last month? Repurpose it! In PR, there’s usually no need to recreate the wheel. Often, materials you have already created can be modified and reused for different means, such as a bylined article, continuing education program, client alert or blog post.

It’s never too early or too late to kick-start your PR initiatives. Feel free to contact Vivian Hood, Owner/CEO of Public Relations, at to learn how you can use these tips, and other PR best practices, to raise your professionals’ profiles within your market.