Was a firm attorney recently recognized for his outstanding community service? Or was a partner honored by a section of the bar? Don’t be shy! An award can do much more than collect dust. Awards and accolades are excellent tools for building the public reputation of attorneys and their firms. Here are five tips for capitalizing on lawyer rankings and recognitions.

  1. Get the word out! Issue a press release to local publications with the news. Be sure to include some information on why the attorney received the honor and the type of work that stood out. The press release can be where you develop key messages that can be reused in other marketing activities.
  2. If possible, take out an ad in the event’s program. This is a great way to reach the attendees and associate the firm with the attorney’s good work. Be sure to include a sentence recognizing why the attorney is being honored.
  3. Don’t forget the law firm’s website! You will want to post the announcement and update the attorney’s bio. Treat the announcement like a landing page, since this page will be shared via email campaigns and social media. Be sure to include internal links to other relevant pages on the firm’s website.
  4. Send an e-blast to the firm’s clients and close friends, letting them know about the award. Knowing that your attorney has won an award will earn her respect from her clients and keep her top-of-mind. Include links to the firm’s website pointing to relevant content – the award announcement and the attorney’s bio.
  5. Social media, anyone? Be sure to congratulate the attorney on the firm’s social media channels. Encourage the attorney to post on his personal accounts as well. Don’t forget to link back to the award announcement or the attorney’s bio on the firm’s website.

Following these tips will help you further showcase the great work that your attorneys are doing.

If you have questions about how to get started, contact Vivian Hood at vhood@jaffepr.com. If you’re interested in more opportunities for industry awards and accolades, just download Jaffe PR’s 2013 Legal Rankings and Publications Report