The world is full of great pairings. Peanut butter and jelly. Nyle and Peta (or Fred and Ginger, if that’s your thing). Thunder and lightning. Mickey and Minnie. And, of course, PR and SEO.

Wait, you don’t automatically think of SEO when you think of PR? Why not? It’s time you do.

Like each of the couplings listed above, PR and SEO can work separately. But put them together, and they are an amazing and dynamic duo. To develop the strongest legal marketing impact for your firm, it makes sense to combine your digital and SEO strategies with your PR efforts.

Online Press Release Optimization and Repurposing Tips

One way to help your online press release gain visibility is to optimize it for search engines. Here are several ways to enhance the SEO of your releases for maximum effect.

Keywords: Incorporate at least two to four keyword phrases that are relevant to your news, your firm and the industry. But don’t overdo it; the release still has to have a natural flow for the reader. Pretend you were searching for news concerning a key message in your press release. What keywords would you use? Research your firm’s top keywords regularly, and be sure to update your list throughout the year.

Headlines: It’s a good practice to examine every headline with a critical eye. Long law firm names don’t always need to be in the title, but do try to insert relevant keywords. Improve your headlines with this analyzer; it will sharpen your skills.

Meta tags: When you repurpose your online press releases as news pages on your website, make sure you’re using relevant title tags and engaging meta descriptions for each release. Keep the title tags ideally at 50 to 60 characters as well. Be sure to write a strong, succinct meta description for the release (ideally, 120 to 155 characters) to help inspire more Internet users to click through to your content.

Multimedia: Boost the ROI of your press releases by adding photos, videos and infographics. PR Newswire’s research shows that more online releases are picked up and read when accompanied by photos – by up to 552 percent. In fact, the Associated Press will soon pick up press releases from PR Newswire only if they have at least one multimedia element included. That’s a strong incentive, indeed, to always have a visual component to your press release.

Social media: Encourage others to create inbound links to your law firm’s website by consistently using your firm’s social media channels. Reaching strategically focused audiences that are inherently interested in the firm via LinkedIn, Facebook or even Instagram with PR content will continue to boost the firm’s brand awareness.

It’s important to remember that Google’s search algorithm favors quality content, not quantity, so don’t get caught up in churning out content for content’s sake. An effective, results-focused strategy that ensures that the law firm’s PR materials are written with these SEO tactics should quickly become part of normal PR operations.  

Rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong! To discuss how SEO and PR can go together at your law firm, contact Vivian Hood at or 904.220.1915.