We all know video killed the radio star, and we’ve been told that the digital world has killed advertising.


Advertising today is even more active than it was in the past. There may not be as many print ads, but with all the online publications and communications channels available still needing ad income to support them, you better believe that advertising is alive. Advertising may still be a great means of promoting your services and your firm. The challenge now is breaking through even more content and promotional activity that is fighting for attention – the same attention.

Through the use of digital marketing tools, advertising can do so much more than the old-school print ad can do. Your challenge is to understand the options you have in these advertising vehicles and to understand the limitations related to advertising in your communications vehicle of choice. The more you know about the advertising resource, the more ways you can be creative and assure your ad is seen and resonates with the reader.

Look for the most creative ways to promote your services and tell your story within the vehicle. The use of clever photos or illustrations still works to bring attention to your ads and their content, but why stop there? Use video, sound and animation in your ads and allow for two-way communication with your audiences through likes and comments. 

Online or digital advertising allows your ads to be engaging by creating links to supportive information, bios and other promotional online tools. I am not a big fan of website banner advertising – that’s simply the equivalence of a classified ad. Think bigger when it comes to your advertising – tell a story instead of selling, entertain, use humor, be creative and be sure to always include a call to action.

Another added value of online advertising is the ability to measure ROI. Unlike the static print version, online advertising has analytical data that can be used to measure the success of your ads and give you the information you need to tweak and adjust your advertising so it pays off.

If you are not willing to invest in and budget appropriately for your ads, don’t bother. Good creative concepts and well-written advertising copy take time and money to be successful. And please stay away from the law firm clichés.