Twitter and PR are an ideal combination, like peanut butter and jelly. If your law firm is looking to promote a media mention — such as placement of a bylined article or a quote in a news story — beyond your law firm website, Twitter can serve as your gateway to the rest of the world, even if you only have 140 characters or fewer to express yourself.

By using the social network strategically, you can increase awareness of your brand, encourage engagement among your firm's audience, and help solidify a relationship between the firm’s attorneys and reporters and media outlets.

4 Steps for Promoting Mentions on Twitter

I talked with Jaffe PR's Content Strategist Keith Ecker, and he shared some easy steps that can be employed to leverage the power of Twitter for PR: 

  1. Once the media impression appears online, copy the Web page’s URL or, better yet, if the firm plans to host a version of the story on its own site, copy that URL. (By linking to your own site, you can increase your law firm’s website traffic.) 
  2. Next, go to Twitter, and in the search field, begin trying to identify handles (i.e., screen names) that might have some relevancy to the impression. For instance, if your attorney was quoted in Law360, you would want to identify @Law360. 
  3. Identify keywords that don’t have handles, but are trending. For example, the Supreme Court does not have a Twitter handle (though a lot of pros confuse the SCOTUSBlog as being the Court’s actual Twitter handle). However, the acronym “SCOTUS” is widely used in tweets that mention Supreme Court news. Make a list of these keywords. 
  4. Draft several tweets that the firm can use that incorporate a mix of the handles, keywords and the URL. (Note: If you incorporate a URL into a tweet, your character count is limited to 117 as opposed to the usual 140.)

The Process in Action

Say you or one of your firm’s attorneys, e.g., Jane Doe, was quoted in an article regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to hear Amazon workers’ security check case. You have the URL to the article online, so the next step is to identify relevant Twitter handles. Amazon, the reporter who wrote the story, and the publication all have handles. “SCOTUS” is a trending term.

Here’s how you can take this information and turn it into a successful tweet. 

Relevant handles to use to tweet: @Amazon; @carlynkolker; @Reuters.

Will @Amazon have to pay workers for time spent in security checks? Jane Monroe talks to @carlynkolker @Reuters [link].

#SCOTUS to hear @Amazon workers case. Jane Monroe weighs in with @carlynkolker @reuters [link].

Maintaining a Twitter presence can be a powerful part of your law firm’s marketing strategy. And used successfully, Twitter can help you develop and promote your firm, attorneys and practice areas while fostering interactions with your clients, prospects and colleagues.

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