The world is a dirty place. Visit any major city, and you’ll bear witness to air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, water pollution and just about any other kind of pollution you can fathom. But one type of pollution that still goes unnoticed, despite its incredible pervasiveness, is content pollution. 

As an expert in legal content marketing, I firmly believe that content is the key to a successful law firm Internet marketing and PR program. But that doesn’t mean I think all content is created equal or that more content equals a more-robust program. I’m a conservationist at heart, and I believe in the economy of words and that concision aids clarity. In other words, it’s better to speak when you have something to say than to prattle on in the hopes that you’ll eventually stumble upon a nugget of wisdom.

Yet, all too often, I see content marketers confusing the concepts of volume and quality. What we end up with, then, is a virtual landfill of crappy content, which makes it that much harder for the good stuff to get seen.

Because legal content marketing is already a time-consuming task, let’s take a load off ourselves by shifting our focus away from quantity. Instead, let’s focus on the quality of our content by producing text, videos, images and other media that actually entertain, inform and inspire our audience. Let’s stop the content pollution.

If you want to help keep the world free of content clutter but don’ t want to sacrifice the enormous benefits of a legal content marketing program, incorporate these tips into your law firm content marketing efforts.

  • Know your audience: Your audience cares much less about you than about themselves, so stop making your content about you. Understand what motivates your audience, and cater to that.
  • Entertain: If you’re asking people to invest time into your content, the least you can do is make it worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to use humor or drama to make your message that much more interesting to read. Bonus: Being entertaining helps make you memorable.
  • Inform: The worst reaction you can get from your audience is a collective “So what?” Write about current events, give your opinion on trending issues or add insight to popular topics. Anything you can do to educate your audience will help show your value. 
  • Inspire: Getting people to read a piece of content is one thing, but provoking your audience to take action is something else altogether. Great content can turn your efforts into real-world results. For example, charities often find ways to tell emotionally powerful stories of their constituents as a way to inspire viewers to donate.
  • Engage: What’s more interesting, a lecture or a group discussion? Most people would probably agree that the latter keeps their attention longer. Think about ways you can interweave the comments and feedback of your audience into your content. Hosting guest blogs and curating third-party and social media content can be a great way to turn your one-way channel into a two-way street. 

So let’s think green when it comes to what we put on the Internet, and refrain from information dumping. Only you, fellow legal marketers, can help prevent content pollution.

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