Upon returning home from a recent family vacation, I was reminded that the customer experience is key. We’ve taken many trips with family and friends over the past decade, usually opting for a house rental through VRBO, Airbnb or a local realty company and selecting rentals based on featured photos and promised amenities. Each and every time, we’ve been disappointed with the customer experience and the lack of response from owners and management companies, and vowed never to return to these properties again.

This trip, we decided to try something different, and booked a condo through a reputable resort that promised higher-quality standards and complete satisfaction. While we could have booked a condo at the same property for slightly less via VRBO, we chose to go through this particular company for a greater degree of convenience and comfort. 

We were not disappointed.

From check-in to check-out, the customer experience was A+ and stress-free. The condo was exactly as pictured and the amenities and service were top-notch. We all agreed that we would absolutely return and recommend the place – and company – to friends.

How does this relate to law firms? Attorneys are not just providing legal services; they are building relationships. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, delivering exceptional customer service to each and every client will create loyalty and grow your law practice. It is the customer experience that drives word-of-mouth marketing. It’s important for attorneys to think of customer service as part of the overall law firm marketing strategy and as a chance to create a lasting relationship with clients.

Law firms and lawyers whose customer service is even just slightly better sets them ahead of the pack. But providing exceptional client service and creating customer loyalty isn’t easy.

Client Service Tips for Law Firms

  • Be accessible and responsive. Respond to phone calls, emails and questions in a timely fashion so your clients know they are a top priority. Include contact information that is easy to find on your firm website and in email responses so clients can reach you easily.
  • Keep your clients informed. Share information pertaining to their businesses, even if it doesn’t directly relate to your billable legal work.
  • Establish a connection by taking an interest in a client’s personal life. Do little things to show your clients that you value their business and that you care about them as people.  Identify what your clients value most, and focus your time on delivering that specifically.
  • Listen not only to what is said but what is not said to uncover potential issues and opportunities. Then provide thoughtful solutions.
  • Visit your clients. You will, no doubt, learn things in face-to-face visits that will provide you the context to provide better service.
  • Request feedback and ask your clients how you can improve your service.
  • Use SEO to enhance your website’s placement on search engine results. Part of a good customer experience is making yourself easy to find.

One of the most powerful tools in building and sustaining your practice is creating client loyalty.  How do you create loyalty? Email me, Lisa Altman, at laltman@jaffepr.com, with your tips.