This winter has left many folks across the U.S. feeling cold and just plain worn out. Whether you have been battling the massive and repetitive snowstorms or the frigid temperatures, almost everyone has had enough – enough of the arctic chill, the layers of clothing that make it impossible to move, and the feet of snow that have to be shoveled from walkways and driveways (again and again).

As legal marketers, we often feel the same frustration with preparing submissions for legal rankings. Whether it is keeping tabs on the sheer number of rankings and awards available to attorneys or writing and turning in the submissions, it is enough to push legal marketers over the edge and into a snow bank.

You’re not imagining that there is a blizzard of legal ranking and award opportunities. Here at JaffePR, our RankingsForLawyer team has catalogued a database of more than 1,200 legal rankings. Like a frigid breeze, it’s enough to take your breath away.

Part of our job is to work with the researchers of these rankings to understand what they are looking for in a winning entry. Their goal as researchers, who often do not have any legal background at all, is simply to know what attorneys and law firms bring to the table and then highlight the best in the field.

Based on our experience, there are a couple things you can start doing today to improve your chances of receiving recognition.

First, lay out your nomination in straightforward language that is free of legal-speak. This requires sitting down with your attorneys and really understanding what it is that makes them so great. By reading the criteria closely and clearly providing what is requested, you will save yourself a lot of time and get your nomination noticed.

The other key strategy is to show what you know by giving examples of creative thinking, unique or innovative tactics, and, of course, outstanding client service. It’s a good idea to lead off with stronger deals and to namedrop brand-name clients and big-dollar amounts. And always, point to the significance of the work by clearly telling the researcher why they should care.

After you have finally hit that send button, sit back, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and know that soon you’ll be basking in the success of a well-written nomination.

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