It’s the start of school, the start of fall and — most importantly — time to talk about your firm’s holiday card! Seems too early? Not at all. A number of decisions and steps have to take place between now and when you send your card. Let’s walk through key items to consider.

First and foremost, which holiday do you plan to focus on? Some professional services firms lead the holiday season by sending Thanksgiving cards and often make donations to local charities or food banks at around that time. Others are more traditional and send the standard “Season’s Greetings” that cover the many December holidays that clients might observe. Still others kick off the coming year with a New Year’s card.

Once you know which holiday you are focusing on, you can determine what your message will be. Something simple is usually the best — but this can also be your opportunity to be creative and stand out. Given all that has transpired in 2020, some firms may decide to alter their usual greeting and concentrate on a message of empathy. Whatever direction you choose, make sure your message recognizes the holiday/tradition and is about the recipient — not all about you.

Your next decision is about the type of card you plan to send. Do you want to go down the traditional road with a print card or embrace technology with an animated digital card? You can also do both and tie the two together visually. This gives a printed option to those professionals who prefer to personalize cards to their clients.

Having made it through the initial decisions, your next step focuses on the “creative.” What is your budget? What image(s) do you want to represent the holiday? Is it a winter landscape, bright lights, a local image of the city where your firm resides? If you chose an animated card, do you use music or a voice-over that conveys your message while the images appear on the computer screen? Keep in mind that if you go with an animated card, the lead time is much longer than for a traditional print card. Work with your creative agency to help guide you through the process.

The final steps involve sending out the message/card. If you have done a print card, will you use a global firm mailing list from your CRM, or will each professional or practice group be responsible for handling their pieces of the list? Will they be hand-signed by individuals or multiple people in the same practice group? If you went with an animated card, these generally are sent through an email system to a firm-wide list on behalf of the firm, or you can supply the message for individuals to personalize and forward to their clients.

Before you drop the print cards in the mail or hit the “Send” button, make sure the envelope conveys the proper office location if you have more than one office or the subject line includes a message that will encourage recipients to click to open.  

To jump-start the right side of your brain, here are a few samples of simple, yet effective, cards Jaffe has developed in the past years. Click on the links and enjoy!

Sample 1 

Sample 2 

Sample 3 

To get started today, contact Alan E. Singles, Director, Marketing & Graphic Services, at, or any one of our Jaffe team members! Waiting until the last minute will result in a less-than-creative card and higher costs due to a shorter turnaround time.