A Silicon Valley-based law firm is taking a unique approach to the typical “work from home” policy by instituting a “live at work” policy.

Jest & Josh LLP has directed its attorneys and staff, via an internal memo, to prepare to make their workplace their domicile beginning in 2022.

“In an effort to maximize productivity and create the legal industry’s most cohesive culture, we will be requiring our employees and staff to live remotely,” according to the memo. “All personal needs will be provided for through a series of innovations the firm plans to roll out in the coming months.”

The memo went on to specify innovations the firm will implement to achieve its live-at-work aspirations.

  • Standing desks will be replaced with custom-made sleeping desks.
  • The main conference room will be converted into a childcare center. First-year associates will be assigned rotating shifts as sitters.
  • Office break areas will be expanded to accommodate full-size kitchens for communal cooking and meditation rooms for silent reflection. 
  • Additional floors in the firm’s current building are expected to be leased to accommodate other living needs, including showers, fitness facilities and a visitor’s center where off-site relatives can interact with firm personnel.

“This is just the beginning of a larger vision,” according to the memo. “We anticipate expanding beyond the walls of our current building to create a sprawling, self-contained campus where attorneys, staff and their families can work, live and play – a law officesphere.”

The memo concluded with a statement from the firm’s managing partner: “I know this might be an abrupt change for some of you, especially those who have grown accustomed to living in a house, condo, apartment or anywhere that isn’t a commercial office building. But if there are any words of reassurance to provide, I suppose they would be April Fools!”