Pinterest is a great visual content tool that has the potential to introduce your law firm to new audiences and connect in a different way with those who might follow the firm or attorneys on other online outlets. Pinterest is an image-based social network tool. Like Vine, a video app that produces six-second videos, Pinterest is an abbreviated form of advertising.

Think about it: What grabs our attention when flipping through a publication – a lot of words? No, that actually turns most of us off. Cool visuals? Ding, ding, ding! A picture tells a thousand words, and can stop you on dime! Pinterest is built to tap into that exact human reaction, and does so with close to 50 million users. Pinterest users stay on the site approximately 15 minutes at a time and 43% follow brands they have loyalty to. Reports show that Pinterest drives more traffic to links than several other top social media sites combined.

When considering adding Pinterest to your legal marketing plan, think of the following:

  • What legal services are you selling, or what practice group or attorney are you promoting?
  • What category of interest or legal market are you looking to engage with?
  • What resource or information do you have that would interest your market?
  • How can you visually capture the attention of the Pinterest world and lead them to your law firm’s story, resources, website, etc.?

Pinterest is a content-sharing tool, so be sure that your images include dynamic descriptions, are aligned with your legal brand messaging, and tell compelling stories about your firm and attorneys. Be consistent in your pinning activities and share often. All Pins should contain website or blog links, (#)hashtags and keywords, which basically is the same SEO philosophy we apply to websites and other social media activities.

Pinterest is a creative tool, so you have to be creative when developing your law firm’s Pinterest campaign. To create an effective Pinning strategy, identify when, where and what you want to promote. Be sure to build in a way to measure and adjust your Pinterest campaign.

One last thing to keep in mind: Pinterest is not a static visual tool. Your law firm videos can also be pinned and shared.

As they say, happy pinning!