Are you out of ideas for your firm’s LinkedIn Company Page? Maybe it’s time to take another look at what you could be doing better. With more than 224 million users in North America, LinkedIn is one of the top social media networks for businesses, so it’s definitely worth your while. LinkedIn also has 87 million millennials in 11 million in decision-making positions, indicating high potential for future growth as the next generation gains a foothold in the platform.

Here are my top 10 tips for refreshing your LinkedIn Company Page.

1. Refresh the “About Us” section

Update your company description to include new recognitions, milestones and expansions. With a 2,000-character count limit, you may need to delete some information or tighten up the text. Use paragraphs to break up text chunks, making your info more readable. Your messaging in this section should convey your company’s brand, highlight its achievements and speak to your target audiences. Whole Foods Market’s LinkedIn Company Page is an excellent example of how to accomplish this in three short paragraphs.

2. Update the company’s specialties

At the bottom of your “Company Details” section, you can include up to 20 specialties. Review your list to ensure you’ve covered a good cross-section of services. Delete specialties that don’t reflect your business goals or aren’t directly related to your service offerings.

3. Update office locations

If you’ve added or closed offices, make sure all your current office locations are rendering correctly in LinkedIn’s embedded maps. This profile section connects directly with Bing Maps, allowing visitors to find directions to your offices easily.

4. Refresh the cover image

Create a new cover image to liven up your Company Page. LinkedIn recommends an image size of 1,536 x 768 pixels. This visual area is the perfect opportunity to showcase your corporate brand and inject some creativity. Here are a few great examples for inspiration: John Deere, Cigna, Travelers and Target.

5. Improve headlines in updates

Use every trick in the book to write engaging headlines that improve click-through rates. These headline writing tips will help:

  • Promise a specific benefit
    A Detailed Guide for Whistleblowers: Answers to the Top FAQs
  • Use numbers
    13 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Divorce
  • Ask a question
    Congratulations, You Made Partner: Now What?
  • Create urgency
    Recent Data Breaches Highlight the Immediate Need for Stronger Cybersecurity Practices

6. Use hashtags in updates

LinkedIn recently launched hashtag communities to profile sidebars:

LinkedIn users can control which hashtags they want to follow; clicking on the links in “Your communities” pulls up a feed of posts. When writing updates from your Company Page, use related hashtags that LinkedIn suggests (start typing a hashtag and select from the dropdown options). This will give added visibility to updates by feeding them to hashtag strings and reaching people outside your direct connections.

7. Mention people in updates

Include mentions for people who have contributed to the content you are sharing or who would be interested in the information. People who are mentioned in posts will see that they have been tagged and often like or share the update for further reach. To add a mention in a post, start typing the person’s name starting with the @ symbol. Select the correct profile from the list of suggestions that drop down.

8. Use visuals in all updates

Research shows that posts containing images receive 200 percent more engagement than text-only posts. While creating unique images for every update may not be realistic, try sourcing clever images; include overlay text; and use relevant charts, graphs and infographics.

8. Build a Career Page

If your company is hiring, LinkedIn can be a powerful recruiting tool. LinkedIn Career Pages feature job postings, company photos, employee testimonials, cultural insights and other employee-related information. For great examples, see Google, DLA Piper and the Boston Consulting Group. Not only do these pages provide a convenient way to list job openings, they are powerful assets for conveying corporate culture.

10. Create a Showcase Page

If you have distinct brands, several business units or recurring company events, developing LinkedIn Showcase Pages will give those areas of your business added exposure. Showcase Pages are always affiliated with their parent Company Page and offer many of the same features. See Latham & Watkins, Bain & Company, and PNC for good examples.

If you manage a LinkedIn Company Page, I’d love to hear from you with other ideas for injecting creativity into your management strategy. Contact me at