In the age of podcasts and TikTok, you may wonder if blogging is still “a thing.” With roughly 77% of internet users reading blogs, the medium continues to be a powerful way to build a strong connection with your target audience … and your book of business.

It seems that everyone blogs today: moms blogdoctors blog, Jaffe blogs. And, with all the current content available, you might be tempted to think there is nothing left to write. But blogging is a great tool for you and your law firm. Here are six reasons why you should keep it going or start now.

1. Improve the SEO of Your Law Firm’s Website
Writing a blog with keyword optimization in mind can result in your firm’s website appearing higher in search engine results for the keywords you target. Google’s search algorithms reward websites that produce unique quality content with a higher rank in search engine results. Statistics show that companies that blog frequently each month get 55% more website traffic than companies that don’t.

2. Build Your Brand
Your personal brand is all about who you are as an attorney or what your firm is all about and how you want to be perceived. By creating relevant blog posts, you show the public your personality, showcase your experience, and position yourself as an authority on the topics you cover. It gives your audience, and potential clients, an in-depth way to get to know you in much greater detail than a bio page ever will.

3. Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader
Building your reputation as a thought leader means you need to be regularly visible in your field by sharing knowledge with others and demonstrating credibility. Blogging gives you a forum to do just that. It lets you demonstrate your experience and positions you as the “go-to” person on a specific subject. This further builds your credibility and attracts new clients.

4. Create New Business
Companies with active blogs report 67 percent more leads. As potential clients turn to the internet for legal referrals and help, blogging lets you create targeted content that will attract prospects to your website. For example, if you have familiarity with emerging legal issues about cannabis in Illinois, you will want to highlight your experience in this niche area. Your blog posts go a long way toward convincing prospects that you are the person to hire for their legal matters. 

5. Generate New Opportunities
Establishing yourself as an authority in your field will not only increase your book of clients; it also will open doors to opportunities such as speaking engagements, guest blogging offers and media requests.

6. Your Competition Is Already Doing It
If you do not fill a niche, another lawyer will — and blogging is a perfect way to establish your credibility in a crowd. The keys to standing out?

  • Use your voice, be authentic and promote your brand
  • Be consistent, illustrate your knowledge and publish often

When you consistently put quality content out there, your posts become their own marketing machine — friends, clients and colleagues can share them through social media, instantly introducing you to a whole new group of people. The rewards are too good to pass up, so get blogging now!

Already blogging? Contact me, Jennifer Faivre, at, and tell me what other benefits you have seen from your efforts.