Recently I attended a neighborhood holiday cookie exchange. I am not sure how I got wrangled into it, but it was fun and tasty! I was amazed at all the different kinds of cookies and sweets being shared, from traditional, cookie-cutter sugar cookie recipes to reindeer with chocolate-covered pretzel antlers and a melting snowman made to look like a s’more. The table and counters were filled with treats, and all we had to do was select two dozen. When I was done, our tray was a diverse selection of traditional and creative confectionaries – something for everyone and their specific tastes.

I don’t know if it was the sugar buzz or sugarplum fairies dancing in my head, but, during the party, I realized a similarity between the assortment of cookies and good PR and marketing tactics.

At Jaffe PR, we pride ourselves on not taking a cookie-cutter approach to legal marketing and public relations, and I found it interesting that I shied away from most of the cookie-cutter cookies when I chose mine. Being a creative thinker, it was easy for me to try new things and gravitate to the unique and creative offerings. But the traditional options were still inviting, and I ate my share of them because I trusted in them and knew what to expect from them.

The choices you have when it comes to promoting your law firm are as diverse as an assortment of holiday cookies. In most cases, a successful legal PR initiative uses a mix of traditional and creative strategies, including press releases, editorial quotes and social media. We know that there are successful traditional tactics that apply to media relations, but too many times, we see firms failing to apply new and creative ways to communicate. Instead, they use the same old recipe and, while it might work for awhile, eventually it will become stale.

When it comes to marketing your law firm, there should never be a cookie-cutter approach. Start from scratch. It is OK to incorporate a traditional recipe that you find successful, but make it original by improving on it  or adding a twist that will clearly stand out.

Although baking is based on exact ingredients, measurements, temperatures and cooking times, once you have that down, you can apply a creative approach to give a dish your own personal touch and taste. This is exactly how you should approach your legal marketing and PR strategies.

Here’s the abbreviated recipe to inject some creativity into your firm’s marketing and PR efforts:

  • Think about those consuming your content, advertisements and promotional information.
  • Understand what works best and why. You want your marketing and PR messages to cater to your audience’s needs and interests.
  • Next, take that knowledge and make it specific and special to your firm.
  • Showcase the many flavors and tastes that make you who you are.
  • And, finally, package them in a way that will intrigue others to try something new.

Don’t think that simply adding a few sprinkles to your cookies will do it. You need to step outside the mold, add color and exotic flare, and embellish in creative ways. Next time you set your PR and marketing goals, think of them as sugar cookies, then think about how you can take that simple recipe and brand it to be your own.

We have a lot of personalities and talent here at Jaffe PR and, like the cookie exchange, we provide communication options full of scrumptious ideas and mouth-watering solutions. In the spirit of sharing and putting our own favorite holiday cookies to a virtual taste test, we have compiled an assortment of cookie recipes for you. Enjoy them and, as you try new things and expand your tastes, think about how you can sweeten your firm’s PR and marketing activities in the new year.

Want to share your own favorite cookie recipe? Leave a comment or email me at, and I’ll share it on Twitter.