QR codes (QRCs) are everywhere, and not just for the retail industry. Lawyers and law firms can make effective use of them as well. Like any other marketing tool, a QRC should be integrated into an overall strategy. This will allow you to spend your marketing dollars in an effective manner and open up another way to expand your law firm marketing.

So what are some of the ways your law firm can use a QRC?

Promote practice areas – Not every practice area has the right clientele to make use of QRCs, but those areas of practice that focus on business or technology are good places to start. It is important to consider your end clients and their ability to use technology. Being able to direct a prospect directly to a specific practice area in your law firm will quickly guide them to your capabilities.

Attorney contact information – QRCs can also be used to link to an attorney profile where a prospective client can access your v-card. To take this a step further, another option is signing up for a visibility account (vizibility.com). Here, you can share more than your basic contact information, you can add all your social media links, as well as a directory of people in your firm. It updates in real-time, so your information is never out of date.

Offer something of value – You might have an industry-specific blog or email newsletter that would be a benefit to a prospective client. Having fast access to specific target content is much more useful than access to the firm’s landing page. People are looking for more when they use the QRC than being taken to a general website page.

Correct use of QRCs – For the codes to be scanned, it is recommended that they appear about 1 inch in size or larger. While you can go smaller, they can (and will) become impossible to scan if they get too small. It is also important to have adequate open space around the code so it doesn’t interfere with the ability to scan the code.

Add color - While codes are often seen in black-and-white, you can change the color of them as long as you use a color that has enough contrast to the paper or background. This allows for your code to blend with your corporate brand colors and not look out of place. If your code does not scan easily, your efforts will go to waste. Always test your final code before putting it in action.

Remember, when you place a QRC Code on your business card or marketing material, you are asking a prospect to do something. When people take the time to scan a code, you must recognize their efforts and send them to a link that adds value. When you use a QRC to create value, the code can be a helpful law firm marketing tool.