Lately I’ve been asked by firms if they should pay for expanded listings when ranked by publications. An expanded listing provides the opportunity to add to information about the firm and, if the ranking is online, a hyperlink to the firm’s website. The simple answer is that credible rankings will list the attorney or firm without you having to buy anything. When you are offered the opportunity to expand your listing, you need to consider the publication making the offer. For some publications, an expanded listing is a justified expense; in others, it’s a waste of money.  

Determining if an expanded listing is a good fit and investment for your firm can be challenging. You’ll need to consider your firm’s marketing goals and how the expanded listing would fit into that plan. What is the benefit? Other important considerations are who reads this publication, whether the readers are in your target audience and if prospective clients will notice the listing. You’ll need to do some research – or let us at Jaffe PR provide additional insights through our RankingsForLawyers service – into these aspects of the value of an expanded listing. There’s no point in paying for expensive listings that won’t bring the firm added value in front of clients and prospects.

You can learn a lot about a publication through its website and demographics in its press kit. Check it out and assess the advantages to help make your decision. The rankings process is difficult enough to navigate and having to decide whether to pay for added visibility can only be done after careful evaluation.