We are often asked about law firm social media and the best way to use Twitter. Here are some general best practices.

  • Frequency: Set small goals. Start by tweeting daily or weekly, and increase your use as you see increased traction.
  • Posting copy: When posting links on Twitter, consider what language would entice you to click on a link, and use that style. Lists, questions and teasers will increase the likelihood that someone will click on your posted links.
  • Go beyond: Instead of using generic marketing speak or legalese, try to insert personality that reflects your brand into your tweets.
  • Follow others: Find relevant individuals, reporters, publications and companies, and follow them. This will also increase the likelihood that they will follow you back.
  • Tweet outside your firm’s website: Using Twitter as a platform to share links to what you find interesting or important will help position you as a thought leader and raise your visibility.
  • Retweet: If you see a tweet you like, let others know about it. The more you engage, the more influence you will have within Twitter.
  • Join in: Create or subscribe to lists to follow and monitor specific groups of users, such as people in a particular industry. 
  • Respond: Reply to other’s tweets by tweeting with @. It’s the same principle as retweeting.
  • Block and move on: If you must, block a user, but don’t close off your Twitter feed from all outsiders.
  • Use hashtags (when necessary): Hashtags are excellent for grouping comments together, which makes it easier to find items on similar themes.
  • Don’t spam: Spam is the cause of many unfollows on Twitter. Use direct messaging sparingly.
  • Search for relevant content: Use Twitter’s search function to look for commenters who are tweeting about subjects that are relevant to you and your firm, and engage in conversations with these people.

Have questions?  Contact Lisa Altman at laltman@jaffepr.com for more information on how to best use Twitter to maximize your law firm’s exposure. To check out our White Paper on “Twitter for Law Firms,” click here.