Before you place your law firm ad, whether it is in a print publication or one of the many online media outlets, you first need a campaign strategy and an adequate budget that allows your ad campaign to obtain the necessary reach and frequency. Having the wrong message, wrong advertising strategy or inadequate budget will have a negative impact on your law firm, and your advertising campaign will be less than effective.

Using the right mix of print, digital and social media advertising can have a strong affect on building and maintaining your law firm’s brand image. It can keep your firm top of mind with potential clients, past clients, referring attorneys or other professionals. Creating the right law firm advertising strategy can and does bring results and will determine the best outlets for your advertising campaign. A successful campaign means selecting not only the right media outlets, but also the frequency and cost structure associated with each venue.

A note on frequency: A single insertion in one or more publications is unlikely to produce the desired return on investment (ROI). It is important to realize that running a single effective ad or ad series over a period of time with multiple insertions generates a visual recognition of your firm and its message.

6 Question to ask about your law firm ad

Here’s what you need to consider when developing your law firm ad campaign:

  • Who is your target audience and what is the desired outcome?
  • How will you leverage your law firm’s and attorneys’ strengths or key practice areas effectively against other law firms?
  • Which advertising outlets can best break through the “noise” of other attorney advertising?
  • How can you craft your message in a way that will be unique and memorable?
  • What is the reach and frequency is needed to ensure that your firm’s message is remembered?
  • What will you do to maintain your brand integrity?

The 4 types of placement options

Law firm print advertising

When it comes to print media advertising, circulation is everything. Ad rates are based on a publication’s circulation, exposure and shelf life. But, more importantly, the key is choosing the right publication to advertise in. Identify one that hits your target audience and your niche market type, such as a professional journal, legal publication and special supplement related to your target industries. With print, your law firm ad can have an expanded reach and frequency through just one publication, as a reader may reread the publication or pass it along to another individual.

Law firm online advertising (Banner ads)

Banner ads come in many shapes and sizes, and can often be static or animated, depending on the hosting website. Costs and rates vary from a flat rate to pay-per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions.

The overall theme of your banner ad campaign should reinforce and maintain your brand and selling proposition. Make sure your law firm’s banner ads actually invite clicks. Through various tracking efforts, you can tell how effective your campaign is. This is something to always think about when marketing your law firm online: It’s about engaging potential new clients, not just branding your firm on a page.

Law firm social media advertising

LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites allow you to distribute sponsored ads or promote posts and updates to specific demographic groups that are likely to need your legal services. Social ads reach the audiences where you’ve invested a lot of money and time into nurturing. You can see which audiences are engaging the most, so you can ensure that your ads are targeted correctly and that you’re actually growing interest and leads based on true data.

Law firm video advertising

If you’ve got a creative side and a camera-savvy partner or employee, there’s no reason you can’t produce a video. A law firm video campaign can be similar to an ad campaign in that you can create a series of video ads for your law firm and post them to your YouTube, Vimeo or cloud hosting account. Videos should be short, engaging and informative and, like other forms of advertising, maintain your brand recognition.

As a final point, make sure all forms of your advertising fall within your local state’s bar association guidelines. These can vary by state as well as by the media used.

With our team of legal marketing strategists, media experts, creative designers and copywriters, Jaffe PR can help you manage the law firm advertising process so you don’t have to. Contact me at, and we will work to ensure that your law firm ad campaign delivers the desired message to your target audience by cutting through the marketing clutter.