1. Are you the type of person who wants to be challenged and engaged in meaningful work, but no longer desires the mandatory grueling hours, dress code requirements, and political/social drama of a traditional office environment?
  2. Does the ability to work out of your home office or any other place in the world, along with some flexibility to set your own schedule, seem like a rare work-life balance opportunity you’d seize in a nanosecond?
  3. Could you easily reallocate the time and money you currently spend on daily commuting towards more productive purposes?
  4. Are you happy to leave the typical “star-system, knife in your back” corporate environment to join a truly teamwork-oriented group of professionals who are all focused on a shared vision and common set of goals?
  5. Do you possess senior-level marketing and/or media relations experience in any of the following settings: (1) an independent consulting capacity, (2) an advertising or public relations agency account management position, OR (3) the professional services sector (law, finance/accounting, architecture, engineering, etc.)?
  6. Are you a highly motivated self-starter who is capable of developing new business and working independently from a home office yet within a highly structured and organized team (we call this unique combination “intrapreneurial”)?
  7. Are you aware of and comfortable using leading edge technologies and able to recommend effective Web 2.0 tools for inclusion in clients’ marketing and/or media relations plans?

If you answered “YES” to ALL of these questions, and if you feel that your credentials, personal work habits, and lifestyle requirements are a match for our business, please send us an email to info@jaffepr.com to determine if a position is available. 

A career at Jaffe offers autonomy to professionals who want flexibility in their hours and work location. Perfect for those who are seeking a break from the traditional corporate structure or who are raising families, Jaffe provides a unique platform to meet both professional and personal goals. All positions are based in your own home office; all are full-time positions; location is flexible. Our staff is senior-level; occasionally we have junior level media relations positions open, but we still require several years of PR agency or law firm marketing department experience for these roles. We do not offer any internships or entry-level positions.

All professionals at Jaffe must exhibit the following strengths:

  • Highly motivated and self-starting.
  • Exceptional writing, communication, and listening skills.
  • Business development acumen.
  • Teamwork orientation and a collaborative nature.
  • Thought leadership aspirations and keen awareness of current and emerging industry and business trends and developments.
  • An unending commitment to excellence and client service.
  • Unquestionable ethical standards.

Qualifications for Public Reputation/Media Relations positions at Jaffe:

  • Proven experience as a public relations agency account supervisor with responsibility for client interaction, budget management, and account staff supervision.
  • Experience providing strategic media relations counsel to law firms, legal industry clients, or other professional services firms.
  • Proven experience developing and pitching complex stories to journalists in law and business media.
  • Portfolio of media placements demonstrating a range of national, regional, and industry media.
  • Ability to travel to occasional Jaffe meetings and to visit clients in various cities.

Qualifications for Public Reputation/Marketing Consulting positions at Jaffe:

  • As the principal relationship liaison between our clients and the rest of our firm, the Marketing Consultant must be equipped to play several mission critical roles, including nurturing, growing and managing our relationships with clients, providing expertise in marketing strategy and tactics, and coordinating the effective delivery of Jaffe services and products to the client.
  • Highly focused, detail-oriented, well organized, and creative, out-of-the-box thinker.
  • Ability to impart sophisticated guidance at both the strategic and tactical levels, providing innovative business advice that far exceeds client expectations.
  • Thoughtful, decisive, and service-oriented professional who is able to manage complex projects and budgets, lead effective client teams, and establish him/herself as an invaluable, trusted adviser to senior level managers and marketers at Jaffe clients.
  • Ability to travel to occasional Jaffe meetings and to visit clients in various cities.