Case Study :
Website & Digital Marketing

Conveying Culture through Videos

The Issue

One of the founders of the law firm Freeborn & Peters, was fond of saying, “We are the best-kept secret in Chicago.” While the firm had expanded its staff and scored its share of victories since its founding in 1983, it hadn’t achieved a level of renown commensurate with the skill and dedication of its attorneys. The partners understood that they needed to tell the firm’s story in a more compelling way to make their reputation stand out in Chicago’s crowded legal marketplace.

The law firm responded to this problem with a rebranding in 2012 that included the adoption of a new tagline: “Your Future is Our Purpose.” With this groundwork in place, the firm hired Jaffe to develop the tools necessary to share this philosophy with prospects, clients and potential recruits, specifically lateral hires who would be in a position to bring in new business.

The partners understood that they needed to tell the firm’s story in a more compelling way.

The Strategy

Jaffe knew that video was the most effective medium to convey the firm’s unique philosophy and differentiators. Using a series of promotional videos, the firm’s attorneys could tell their most poignant success stories in their own words and make meaningful connections with potential recruits whose personal values aligned with those of the firm. Furthermore, the videos could be repurposed as components in future digital marketing tactics.

As part of its rebranding, Freeborn & Peters adopted five distinct expressions that summed up its philosophy. Jaffe’s consultants helped the firm identify five stories from its recent history that aligned with each of these expressions and designated a video for each. Jaffe also made plans for two additional videos; one that resonated with the tagline “Your Future is Our Purpose” and the other that encompassed all of Freeborn & Peters’ core values with a story about the firm’s pro bono work.

The Jaffe team interviewed each of the video participants off-camera to develop prompts to ask during the shoot. Over two days, our consultants taped the interviews, eliciting natural, relatable first-person stories. Jaffe then handled all post-production, including editing, custom animations, title cards and music. The finished videos were debuted at the firm’s annual partner retreat and were later hosted on the law firm’s website and promoted via social media.

As part of its rebranding, the firm adopted five distinct expressions that summed up its philosophy.

The Impact

Shortly after Jaffe completed the videos, Freeborn & Peters recruited one partner, one senior counsel and one associate attorney. All said watching the videos and sharing them with their spouses were the driving factors that tipped them in favor of joining Freeborn & Peters over another firm. The firm picked up substantial business as a result of these hires, generating a $300,000 ROI in the first three months. The videos continue to attract potential recruits to the firm and are already being incorporated into upcoming digital marketing efforts.