Case Study :
Business Development

Coordinating a Law Firm Retreat

The Issue

The law firm of Beirne, Maynard & Parsons LLP began in 1987 as a single office in Houston. After establishing a strong work ethic and a series of litigation victories, the firm expanded to five offices, employing dozens of attorneys across Texas and Louisiana. While its founders had paved the way for more than a quarter-century, eventually the time came to prepare the firm for the next generation of leadership.

The partners agreed that business development was one of the key areas of focus to ensure a smooth transition. The firm had never before engaged in a formal program to target and win new business, so it turned to Jaffe to provide its attorneys with an effective mix of training and business development strategy.

Jaffe provided the attorneys with an effective mix of training and business development strategy.

The Strategy

Beirne, Maynard & Parsons’ historic lack of a formalized business development program meant the entire initiative would need to be built from the ground up. To complicate matters further, its attorneys were spread out over hundreds of miles. In light of these challenges, Jaffe’s consultants identified a company retreat as the best opportunity to gather the entire group, provide efficient training and create excitement about the changes the firm had in store.

Our business development consultants interviewed several of the firm’s key players before planning the retreat, taking time to understand the organization’s unique needs, goals and challenges. Using this background, our team customized a retreat program that included intensive business development training, breakout groups focused on winning specific new clients, and motivational presentations and workshops on proactive PR and social media strategies. Jaffe’s consultants also arranged to visit the attorneys on an ongoing basis after the retreat to provide additional coaching and assistance with social media and PR.

Jaffe’s consultants arranged to visit the attorneys on an ongoing basis to provide additional coaching and assistance.

The Impact

The Jaffe-led retreat was an unforgettable event that left the attorneys motivated to take responsibility for the firm’s sales growth and empowered them with a detailed business development plan. In the months that followed, Beirne, Maynard & Parsons won the coveted business it had targeted in the retreat’s client-specific breakout sessions. The firm also expanded the coaching program, making the expertise of Jaffe’s consultants an integral part of its sales strategy.  

The firm continues to cultivate new business at an increasing rate. It has hired its first-ever director of business development with the intention of eventually bringing the entire program in-house.