Case Study :

Developing a Marketing Strategy for a New Practice Area

The Issue

The Alexandria, Va., law firm of DiMuro Ginsberg PC built its reputation on commercial litigation and business law, but with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office practically in its backyard, there was incentive to expand the firm’s intellectual property litigation practice. DiMuro Ginsberg had handled patent litigation as needed by its clients, but the firm’s leadership found they were referring a lot of high-level IP work to other firms. The opportunity for growth was clear. To take a bigger bite out of the IP litigation market, DiMuro Ginsberg added three new attorneys with extensive IP backgrounds and built a new practice group, the DGKeyIP Group.

However, the fiercely competitive IP niche is packed with several established players, presenting an uphill climb for even the most talented newcomers. To make a splash in the market, the firm enlisted Jaffe to help develop and deliver the DGKeyIP Group’s message to every prospective client.

Jaffe developed and delivered the DGKeyIP Group’s message to every prospective client.

The Strategy

Jaffe’s work began with a comprehensive analysis of the skills and abilities of both the DGKeyIP Group and DiMuro Ginsberg at large. Our team discovered that the seasoned IP attorneys who worked in the DGKeyIP Group had full access to the much larger bullpen of DiMuro Ginsberg commercial litigators, all of whom collectively possessed an immense range of experience. Under this structure, the DGKeyIP Group was naturally positioned to provide some of the most sophisticated solutions for complex IP litigation.

Based on this competitive edge, Jaffe developed an intricate law firm marketing strategy that included detailed action plans for individual attorneys and the group as a whole. Our most experienced marketers branded and positioned DGKeyIP’s attorneys as willing and able to adeptly resolve any IP matter for any type of client. This message was communicated through an entirely new section of the DiMuro Ginsberg website, along with brochures, press releases, targeted email messages and a social media campaign.

The DGKeyIP Group was positioned to provide some of the most sophisticated solutions for complex IP litigation.

The Impact

When Jaffe was brought in to serve the DGKeyIP Group, DiMuro Ginsberg was seeking more business to sustain the investment in its new attorneys. Six months later, the firm was seeking new attorneys to keep pace with the business.

The DGKeyIP Group’s available hours were completely maxed out. Fueled by this sudden explosion in high-level IP representations, the group’s reputation is now driving sustained demand that will enable the practice to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.