Case Study :

Getting Ranked in the Chambers USA Guide

The Issue

A New York City-based law firm came to Jaffe with a clear goal: to get an up-and-coming practice area and its key attorneys ranked in the prestigious Chambers USA Guide. With plans to grow the practice in the nation’s most competitive legal market, the firm knew it needed to break into this well-respected list to keep pace. But the attorneys and staff had their hands full with client work, so Jaffe’s experts took on the arduous process of compiling the numerous and disparate pieces of information required for submission to Chambers USA.

Jaffe’s experts took on the arduous process of compiling the information for submission to Chambers USA.

The Strategy

Jaffe’s consultants met with the firm’s practice group leaders and presented a start-to-finish plan for collecting the information crucial to a successful submission. For tasks that involved internal fact-finding by the firm’s attorneys and staff, our team established a flexible schedule and clear delegation of duties to make the process unobtrusive and organized.

In meetings with key stakeholders, Jaffe’s writers drilled down into the most compelling details of the firm’s operating philosophy, competitive advantages, problem-solving approaches and noteworthy cases. These in-depth discussions also covered the current state of the legal market and the strategies the firm is using to respond to developing industry trends.  

Jaffe’s law firm rankings consultants carefully evaluated prospective client references to determine which contacts would be most compelling to Chambers USA’s researchers. Our team then drafted the entire nomination package, synthesizing all the information collected through weeks of research. After the nomination was submitted, Jaffe ensured that the client references were prepared for their interviews. We also arranged for Chambers USA’s researchers to meet with the attorneys and gain a first-person understanding of the work the firm was doing for its clients.

Jaffe drafted a compelling nomination that highlighted the significance of the firm’s work.

The Impact

Jaffe’s client was ranked in the Chambers USA Guide following its first-ever submission and has remained on the list ever since by building on its initial nomination. The firm’s ranked status is now a featured component in multiple marketing efforts.

Jaffe’s thorough interviews with the firm’s attorneys also proved to be key to more than just the Chambers USA ranking. By asking questions that many clients and marketers might not think to ask, our team discovered experience and talent that wasn’t being fully leveraged in support of the firm’s marketing and PR goals. Jaffe has since used this information to secure multiple byline and interview opportunities for the firm’s attorneys in relevant media outlets.