Case Study :
Public Relations

Leveraging Multiple Law Firms’ Experiences to Promote Success Stories

The Issue

A number of forward-thinking law firms across the nation – including four of Jaffe’s clients – have renovated office space to appeal to the next generation of lawyers. All have transformed their working environments strategically to strengthen their positions in their local communities while working to ensure that their organizations thrive in the 21st-century legal marketplace.

In recognizing this trend, we sought to tell the legal industry story from the perspective of each of Jaffe’s four law firm clients whose individual experiences – taken together – validate and demonstrate what successful office reinvention looks like.

Four firms wanted recognition as legal industry trendsetters for their modern office renovations.

The Strategy

Jaffe’s PR consultants worked together to synergize our efforts for a common goal in promoting our clients’ on-trend success stories. By promoting these firms collectively, we knew we could tell a more-compelling, bigger and national-scale story than by pitching each firm’s story on its own. To execute the strategy, we researched and culled extensive details about each firm’s extensive office relocations, including the similar goals that each achieved with their moves. We also offered media examples of this trend playing out among four different firms with offices in distinctly different metro areas. We leveraged our long-standing relationships with national legal media to attempt to secure the optimal story placement for achieving national exposure for our clients.

Jaffe created an opportunity for multiple firms to share the spotlight for a compelling national story.

The Impact

Each of our four law firm clients was interviewed by a reporter for the leading national business law news source Law360. The story, “Law Firms Shun Old Hierarchies With Modern Office Updates,” included details about each firm’s office renovation, as well as comments from the firms’ leaders about why they sought these upgrades — as the reporter noted, to “reflect a new philosophy — one that values egalitarianism, community and wellness.” The article was accompanied by photos of some of the firms’ new office spaces and unique design elements. The article was published on the Law360 website and in the outlet’s daily e-newsletter, reaching its paid readership of 150,000 subscribers and its nearly 500,000 unique monthly website visitors, including lawyers and GCs, legal thought leaders, and decision-makers at law firms and corporations nationwide. By securing this high-profile placement, our four clients were able to leverage their reputations as industry leaders for fostering highly desirable working environments for their current attorneys and future laterals.