Case Study :
Branding, Content Marketing

Overhauling Website Design and SEO to Increase Conversions

The Issue

A Washington, D.C., law firm needed to overhaul its site design and SEO strategy to attract more employment law and whistleblower cases. The old site generated some traffic and leads, but it lacked flair, clear visuals and an easy navigation path. The attorneys suspected this lack of clarity was costing them business and impeding their ability to attract referrals from other legal peers. The firm tasked Jaffe with reinventing both the site’s creative elements and architecture to attract and convert more of its key targets. As an added challenge, the firm wanted the new site to appeal to two types of audiences: potential plaintiffs and referring attorneys.

A law firm wanted to redesign its website and rethink its SEO strategy to increase leads and enhance lead quality.

The Strategy

Jaffe first conducted a deep assessment of the law firm’s current site and SEO performance. We determined that the firm had published a lot of content, but it was unfocused and in need of structure. Jaffe redefined the content goals and designed a marketing and PR program tailored for the firm’s audiences. We designed the program, in part, to enhance the firm’s placement in search engine results for select keywords. We also reworked the navigation to make high-ranking content more accessible and used mega-menus to display content in a tiered, intuitive fashion. Finally, we redid the site’s graphic elements and made it fully responsive.

Jaffe reworked the site’s navigation, design and SEO strategy to increase usability and convert more visitors into clients.

The Impact

The initial data was impressive. Between December 2014 and December 2015, conversions increased 47%, and overall site traffic increased 18%. Blog page visits were up 121% in December 2015 from the previous year. The site is now ranking well on Google for several of the most hotly contested keywords among employment and whistleblower attorneys, such as “Washington D.C. Employment Law Firm” and “Whistleblower Law Firm Washington D.C.” In fact, the site now ranks in the top 20 positions on Google for 313 keywords, and the leads generated through organic search are of a much higher quality. Most importantly, the firm now has a strategy to build on its successes and grow its SEO over time.