Case Study :

Rebranding a Law Firm with a Website Redesign

The Issue

The founding partners of Ford, Nassen & Baldwin, PC are well-known and respected attorneys in Texas’ booming construction market. It was upon these reputations that they founded their successful boutique construction law firm in 1995. With the help of a steady stream of referrals, Ford Nassen grew to employ several dozen attorneys across three offices in Dallas, Houston and Austin.

For a while, Ford Nassen’s relationships and referral sources allowed the firm to grow without the aid of a formalized marketing program. But the firm knew such success was not sustainable. For the law firm to continue to grow, Ford Nassen needed to connect with new prospects beyond the reach of its word-of-mouth prestige.

Ford Nassen needed to connect with new prospects beyond the reach of its word-of-mouth prestige.

The Strategy

After Ford Nassen reached out to Jaffe, our strategists seized the opportunity to build the firm’s entire marketing infrastructure from the ground up. The process began with the extensive due diligence of interviewing key players in the practice, analyzing client success stories, and conducting primary and secondary market research. Our team learned that, while Ford Nassen had a high profile, it lacked a recognizable brand and was not considered Texas’ go-to construction law firm despite its dominant track record and experience.

The ensuing rebranding effort synthesized multiple elements, including a new website, logo, tagline, ad campaign, brochure and blog, which showcased the industry knowledge of Ford Nassen’s attorneys. With its emphasis on the Texas construction market, the integrated marketing campaign combined imagery of the hooks and cranes of the worksite with the hats and boots that symbolize Lone Star culture. Jaffe’s consultants also connected Ford Nassen’s attorneys face-to-face with client prospects by identifying legal conference sponsorship opportunities throughout Texas and booking the firm’s top attorneys for speaking engagements.

Develop a defined brand that connects with key decision-makers

The Impact

The redesigned Ford Nassen website has become the firm’s comprehensive marketing portal, providing an easy-to-manage tool for reaching and communicating with new leads. In fact, Jaffe’s meticulous rebranding led to substantial boost in overall business, which consisted overwhelmingly of clients from outside Ford Nassen’s referral network. The firm’s brand awareness continues to increase and pay dividends by building relationships with prospects that lead to new client representations.

In this second phase of its history, as it continues to grow into its role as Texas’ go-to construction law firm, Ford Nassen proves to be a success story built upon a success story.