Case Study :
Branding, Content Marketing

Relaunching a Law Firm Brand Across Multiple Channels

The Issue

A full-service Maryland/D.C.-metro area law firm was facing an identity crisis. The attorneys worked in a large variety of practice areas, including business law, civil litigation, criminal defense and family law. The question was: What “binding agent” brought them all together? Without a clear, compelling answer to that question, the firm struggled to get attention and maintain a coherent brand.

A group of attorneys needed to rally around a common brand to command more attention in the marketplace.

The Strategy

The firm turned to Jaffe’s branding experts to figure out what connected these various practices and how that message could be crafted into a compelling brand story.

To do this, Jaffe interviewed the attorneys, one by one. This process eventually teased out a message – Community, Confidence, Character – that resonated with everyone and formed the seed for the rebranding. Jaffe next mapped out an aggressive plan to re-introduce the firm and its cohesive brand identity to the community, using billboards, metro placards, bus ads, local magazine ads and other tactics. Jaffe’s designers created the materials and kept the branding consistent across channels. Among other techniques, we used a custom phone number to track the effects of the campaign.

After clarifying the firm’s brand, design a striking, multi-channel campaign to introduce it to the region.

The Impact

The rebranding initiative was a success – not just externally, but internally as well. The attorneys bought into and backed the creative campaigns that Jaffe had developed. With all attorneys pulling their oars in the same direction, the firm picked up more business and local acclaim. Meanwhile, the call-tracking campaign showed conclusively that Jaffe’s efforts increased the firm’s web traffic considerably. The firm is now building on this traffic increase to convert more visitors into clients.